Linepithema angulatum

Escárraga, Mayron & Guerrero, Roberto J., 2016, The ant genus Linepithema (Formicidae: Dolichoderinae) in Colombia, Zootaxa 4208 (5), pp. 446-458: 449

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Linepithema angulatum


Linepithema angulatum 

Distribution. Linepithema angulatum  is mainly distributed in high altitude localities, with most of the records over 1000 m (ranging from 10 to 2430 m). This species was previously recorded in the departments of Antioquia, Boyacá, Cauca, Caquetá, Cundinamarca, Huila, Meta, Putumayo, and Valle del Cauca ( Wild 2007; Mera et al. 2010; Ramirez et al. 2010; Calle et al. 2013; Simbaqueba-Cortés et al. 2015). We expand the distribution records in Colombia to the departments of Caldas, Magdalena, Nariño, Quindío, Risaralda, Santander, Tolima and Vichada, with most of the records from the central region, in the Andean mountain system ( Fig. 3View FIGURE 3).

Biology. Linepithema angulatum  is considered a generalist ant ( Calle et al. 2013) that usually inhabits anthropogenic modified ecosystems. It was collected in pine, bean, coffee, and peach crops, mature forest fragments, and home gardens. Interactions with other organisms are recorded from specimens labels, for example, attending aphids, and membracids; commensalism interactions with other insect families such as Curculionidae  , Cercopidae  , Forficulidae  and Dryinidae  have been also reported ( Mera et al. 2010). Some records showed L. angulatum  nesting in Cecropia  sp.; this plant, native to the Neotropics, is usually associated with ants of the genus Azteca Forel ( Longino 1991)  .

Examined material: BOYACÁ: Sutamarchán , 2150 m (IAvH); Villa de Leyva, 2200 m (IAvH); Gachantivá, Hatillo Socha (IAvH); Gachantivá, Minas, (IAvH); Moniquirá, Vda. San Esteban, (IAvH); Moniquirá, Vda. Ubanza, (IAvH); Moniquirá, Vda. Jordán (IAvH); Moniquirá, Vda. Novillero, (IAvH)  . CALDAS: Aguadas, Cañón Río Arma , 1995 m, (IAvH); Aranzazu, Vda. Chambery, Fca. Maranduba, 2050 m, (IAvH); Aranzazu, Vda. Chambery, Fca. Las Garzas, 1980 m, (IAvH)  . HUILA: San Agustín , Vda. La Castellana, 2320–2430 m (IAvH)  . MAGDALENA: PNN Tayrona, Neguanje , 10 m (IAvH)  . NARIÑO: R.N La Planda, Vía Hondón , 1930 m, (IAvH)  . PUTUMAYO: PNN La Paya, Garzacocha, (IAvH); PNN La Paya , Mesón , 320 m, (IAvH)  . QUINDIO: Alcalá, Los Guayabos , 1054 m, (MUSENUV)  . RISARALDA: Pereira, Vda. La Suiza, SFF Otún Quimbaya , 1820 m, (IAvH); Pereira, Vda. La Suiza, SFF Otún Quimbaya, 1900 m, (IAvH); Pereira, Vda. Yarumal, Fca. El Cedral, 1840 m, (IAvH)  . SANTANDER: Vélez (IAvH); Vilorin, Costilla de Fara , 1800 m, (IAvH); Encino, RN Cachalu, 2000 m, (IAvH); Oiba, San Vicente, (IAvH); Vilorin, Cachalu, 2150–2200 m, (IAvH)  . TOLIMA: Fresno, (IAvH)  . VICHADA: Cumaribo, Cgto. Santa Rita, PNN El Tuparro , 135 m, (IAvH).