Athaumaspis minutus Wang & Liu

Wang, Hanqiang, Liu, Xianwei & Li, Kai, 2014, A synoptic review of the genus Thaumaspis Bolivar (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae, Meconematinae) with the description of a new genus and four new species, ZooKeys 443, pp. 11-33: 15

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Athaumaspis minutus Wang & Liu

sp. n.

Taxon classification Animalia Orthoptera Tettigoniidae

7. Athaumaspis minutus Wang & Liu  sp. n. Figs 24-30


Holotype♂, paratype2♀♀, Vietnam, Mt. Lang Bian, Alt. 1500- 2000m, 1961.V.19- VI.8, coll. N.R. Spencer (BPBM). Deposited in SEM temporarily.


Male. Head low in profile. Fastigium of vertex rather short, shallowly furrowed on dorsum (Fig. 24), face slightly oblique (Fig. 25), compound eyes oval and protruded outwards, last segment of maxillary palpi longer than preceding. The superior and inferior edge of pronotum nearly paralled from a lateral view, metazona slightly elevated, paranota of pronotum lower, hind margin rounded, humeral sinus absent; auditory foramina of thorax entirely exposed. Tegmina shorter than pronotum, hind margin obliquely truncated, hind wings reduced. Fore tibiae armed spines of type 4, 4 (1, 1) on either margin of ventral surface, hind tibiae with 20- 23 dorsal teeth each margin above and 2 pairs of apical spurs. Posterior margin of abdominal tergite 10 with middle process, distinctly branched (Fig. 26). Epiproct reduced. Cerci elongate, rather simple, incurved in its apical third, dorsal surface with weak keels (Fig. 27). Subgenital fig narrowed basally, broad in apical half, hind margin roundly emarginate with rather short styli (Fig. 28).

Female. General roughly as in male. Cerci short and conical, subgenital fig transverse and flabellate, hind margin circular convex (Fig. 29). Ovipositor is short, upcurved, ventral valve with a weak apical hook.


Body yellowish (maybe greenish in life), eyes blackish brown, antennae with inconspicuous darkish rings, fore and hind margins of pronotum either with blackish brown marking rounded yellow rim (Fig. 24), lateral lobe with 4 yellow markings.


(length in mm) Body, ♂7.5, ♀8.0; pronotum, ♂2.8, ♀2.2; tegmina, ♂1.0, ♀0.8; hind femora, ♂6.5, ♀7.0; ovipositor, ♀3.8.


This new species distinguishes from other species of the genus in body smaller, pronotum with blackish brown and yellow markings, female subgential fig with rounded posterior edge.


The specific epithet referrers body form of this species, from Latin minūtus. The gender of the epithet is masculine.