Cephennium (Phennecium) kerpense MEYBOHM, 2016

Assing, Volker, 2016, On the Staphylinidae of the Greek island Karpathos (Insecta Coleoptera), Linzer biologische Beiträge 48 (1), pp. 235-263 : 254

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https://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.5416181

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Cephennium (Phennecium) kerpense MEYBOHM

sp. nov.

Cephennium (Phennecium) kerpense MEYBOHM View in CoL nov.sp. ( Figs 31-32 View Fig View Figs 32-37 , 38-40 View Figs 38-40 )

T y p e m a t e r i a l: Holotype 3: "GR Karpathos 500 m Olympos Passhöhe südl. Prof. Ilias , Meyohm 18.4.1999 / Cephennium (Phennecium) kerpense m. Meybohm 2016 det. / Holotypus " (cMey) . Paratypes: 1♀: same data as holotype (cMey) ; 13: same data, but " 450 m ... 27.4.2000 " (cMey) ; 333, 2♀♀: " Greece: Karpathos [12], S Olympos, 35°43'19''N, 27°10'19''E, 460 m, shrub litter sifted, 26.XII.2015, V. Assing " (cMey) GoogleMaps ; 13, 1♀: " Greece: Karpathos [16], Kali Limni, 35°35'23''N, 27°08'18''E, 830 m, shrub litter sifted, 28.XII.2015, V. Assing " (cMey) GoogleMaps ; 13: " Greece: Karpathos [17], Kali Limni, 35°35'20''N, 27°08'20''E, 800 m, pine litter & grass sifted 28.XII.2015, V. Assing " (cMey) GoogleMaps .

C o m m e n t: The label data of the material collected near Olympos all refer to the same locality (sample number 12; Fig. 31 View Fig ).

E t y m o l o g y: The specific epithet is an adjective derived from Kerpe, the Turkish name for Karpathos.

D e s c r i p t i o n: Body length 1.0 mm. Habitus as in Fig. 32 View Figs 32-37 . Coloration pale reddish-brown. Body glossy, with curved erect pubescence directed posteriad. Eyes reduced to three ommatidia without pigmentation. Pronotum 0.30 mm long, maximal width (0.38 mm) at anterior third, 0.34 mm broad at posterior margin; punctation fine in anterior half, somewhat asperate in posterior half. Elytra 0.59 mm long, broadest (0.43 mm) at anterior third; punctation fine. All tibiae dilated in distal two-thirds and flattened on inner surface (i.e., the side facing body); without sexual dimorphism.

3: aedeagus ( Figs 38-40 View Figs 38-40 ) 0.25 mm long and 0.14 mm broad, symmetric; endophallus with two bent sclerites, the larger of these sclerites with three apices, two of which are strongly curved mediad, the smaller sclerite with two apices.

C o m p a r a t i v e n o t e s: Cephennium kerpense is reliably distinguished from the externally similar C. jonicum HOLDHAUS, 1908 and several undescribed species from Crete, Rhodos, Samos, and Ikaría only by the shape and internal structures of the aedeagus.

D i s t r i b u t i o n a n d n a t u r a l h i s t o r y: Cephennium kerpense is endemic to Karpathos, where it was collected in three localities, one to the south of Olympos ( Fig. 31 View Fig ) and two in the Kali Limni range (localities 12, 16, and 17 in Map 1 View Map 1 ). Most of the specimens found in 2015 were sifted from dry litter beneath shrubs in phrygana vegetation, one specimen also from litter and roots beneath an old pine tree. The altitudes range from 450 to 830 m.


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