Nocticanace packhamorum Mathis & Marinoni

Mathis, Wayne N. & Marinoni, Luciane, 2012, A conspectus on the Canacidae (Diptera) of Brazil, ZooKeys 162, pp. 59-92: 65-67

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Nocticanace packhamorum Mathis & Marinoni

sp. n.

Nocticanace packhamorum Mathis & Marinoni  ZBK  sp. n. Figs 1-2


As in species group diagnosis with the following additions: Small to moderately small beach flies, body length 1.85-2.45 mm, of the pacifica group (see key to species groups). Head: Coloration of face and gena lighter, mostly whitish gray. Palpus yellowish gray to gray. Thorax: Brown coloration of mesonotum extended laterally and ventrally to about dorsum of notopleuron, thereafter gradually becoming more whitish gray with some very faint greenish tinges. Pleural areas mostly whitish gray. Legs concolorous, mostly gray to blackish gray; dorsum of femur and to a lesser extent tibia somewhat microtomentose, lightly grayish; tarsi black. Abdomen: Dorsum mostly grayish; median portion of each tergite with some brownish-purplish coloration, lateral margins often faintly bluish gray. Male terminalia (Figs 1-2): Surstylus deeply cleft ventrally, with a distinct anterior and posterior lobe; anterior lobe moderately slender and long, in lateral view with posterior margin angulate, moderately rounded apically, in posterior with medial surface bearing numerous, prominent, setulae along most of margin, medial portion in posterior view rectangular, apical 1/3 abruptly narrowed; posterior lobe in posterior view narrowed sub-basally, thereafter ventrally slightly expanded to form a broadly rounded apex, in posterior view with short setulae along medial surface apically.

Type material.

The holotype male is labeled "BRAZIL. S[anta]. Catarina: Barra Velha (26°38'S, 48°40.9'W; beach), 29 Apr 2010[,] D. & W. N. Mathis/USNM ENT 00118070 [plastic bar code label]/HOLOTYPE ♂ Nocticanace packhamorum  Mathis & Marinoni, DZUP [red]."The holotype is double mounted (minuten in a block of plastic), is in excellent condition, and is deposited in DZUP. Seventeen paratypes (13♂, 4♀; DZUP, USNM) bear the same label data as the holotype.


Neotropical: Brazil (Santa Catarina).


The specific epithet, packhamorum, is a Latin genitive patronym to recognize and honor Dean and Ieda Packham, who guided us to the type locality and offered hospitality.


Finding a species of the pacifica group along the Atlantic beaches of southern Brazil was unanticipated.