Pselaphodes jizushanus Yin, Li & Zhao

Yin, Zi-Wei & Li, Li-Zhen, 2012, Notes on Michael Schuelke's pselaphine collections from China. - Tyrini. I. genera Labomimus Sharp, Linan Hlavac and Pselaphodes Westwood (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Pselaphinae), ZooKeys 251, pp. 83-118: 98

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Pselaphodes jizushanus Yin, Li & Zhao


Pselaphodes jizushanus Yin, Li & Zhao  Figs 15A16

Pselaphodes jizushanus  Yin, Li & Zhao, 2011a: 471.

Additional material examined.

1 ♂, labeled 'CHINA: Yunnan [CH07-15], Baoshan / Pref., Gaoligong Shan, 29 km ESE / Tengchong, 24°55'37"N, / 98°45'09"E, / 2350 m, dev. decid. forest, litter, wood, / fungi sifted, 1.VI.2007, M. Schülke’ (cSch).

Diagnosis and description.

Yin et al. 2011: 471; Figs 15A, 16. Measurements: BL 3.10, HL 0.63, HW 0.59, PL 0.63, PW 0.62, EL 0.80, EW 1.14, AL 1.04, AW 1.12; eyes each composed of about 40 facets. Aedeagus length 0.51, with slightly asymmetrical median lobe (Figs 16 J–L).


Southwest China: Yunnan.

Notes. This species was originally described based on a single male (Type-locality: Jizushan Mountain, ca. 25°57'37"N, 100°22'44"E, alt. 2400 m). The aedeagus of the holotype was unfortunately lost. Here we record a second male specimen of this species from Tengchong, Gaoligong Mountain, about 200 km southwest from the type locality, and have illustrated its aedeagus.