Heterospilus bribri Marsh

Marsh, Paul M., Wild, Alexander L. & Whitfield, James B., 2013, The Doryctinae (Braconidae) of Costa Rica: genera and species of the tribe Heterospilini, ZooKeys 347, pp. 1-474: 40-42

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Heterospilus bribri Marsh

sp. n.

Heterospilus bribri Marsh  sp. n. Figure 21


Body size: 2.5-3.5 mm. Color: head with vertex and frons brown, face and eye orbits yellow; scape yellow without lateral longitudinal brown stripe, flagellum brown; mesosoma brown, pronotum often light brown; metasomal tergum 1 dark brown, tergum 2 brown to honey yellow, terga 3-6 dark brown basally, yellow apically, tergum 7 yellow; wing veins brown, stigma bicolored brown with yellow apex; legs yellow. Head: vertex transversely costate; frons transversely costate; face smooth; temple in dorsal view narrow, width less than 1/2 eye width; malar space greater than 1/4 eye height; ocell-ocular distance about 2.5 times diameter of lateral ocellus; 26-31 flagellomeres. Mesosoma: mesoscutal lobes granulate; notauli scrobiculate, meeting at scutellum in triangular costate-rugose area; scutellum granulate; prescutellar furrow with 3 cross carinae; mesopleuron granulate; precoxal sulcus weakly scrobiculate or smooth, shorter than mesopleuron; venter granulate; propodeum with basal median areas margined, granulate, basal median carina present, areola distinctly margined, areolar area rugose, lateral areas entirely granulate. Wings: fore wing vein r shorter than vein 3RSa, vein 1cu-a interstitial or very slightly beyond vein 1M; hind wing vein SC+R present, vein M+CU shorter than vein 1M. Metasoma: first tergum costate, apical width less than length; second tergum costate-granulate, width about 4 times length; anterior transverse groove present, sinuate; posterior transverse groove weakly indicated or absent; third tergum entirely granulate; terga 4-7 granulate at base, smooth apically; ovipositor as long as metasoma.

Holotype female.

Top label (white, printed) - COSTA RICA: [;] Puntar. Golfo Dulce [;] 24km W Piedras Blancas [;] 200m, vi-viii 1989 [;] Hanson; second label (red, partially printed and hand written) - HOLOTYPE [;] Heterospilus [;] bribri [;] P. Marsh. Deposited in ESUW.


1 ♀, Costa Rica: Puntarenas, [;] R.F. Golfo Dulce, 5km. [;] W. Piedras Blancas, 100m [;] xi–xii.1991, P. Hanson, [;] Malaise nr. second growth (ESUW). 4 ♀♀, COSTA RICA-Heredia Prov. [;] La Selva Biological Station [;] 10°26'N, 84°01'W, 100m [;] Canopy fogging 19, 31 and 32 [;] 8.x.1994, 2.xi.1994 and 3.xi.1994 [;] Project ALAS (FCK19, 31 and 32) (ESUW). 1 ♀, Costa Rica: Heredia [;] 3km. S. Puerto Viejo [;] OTS, La Selva, 100m [;] xi.1992, P. Hanson (ESUW). 1 ♀, Costa Rica: Guanacaste, ACT [;] Bagaces, P.N. Palo Verde, 212m [;] Sec. Palo Verde, Cerro Guayacan [;] 13. ix– 13.x.1999, I. Jimenez, Malaise [;] L.N. 259350-389600 #53499 (ESUW). 2 ♀♀, top label - Costa Rica: Guanacaste [;] Santa Rosa Natl. Park [;] 300m, ex. Malaise trap [;] Site #: blank [;] Dates: 14. viii– 6.ix.1986 and 7-28.xii.1985 [;] I.D. Gauld & D. Janzen; second label - [SE] Bosque San Emilio [;] 50yr old deciduous forest [;] [C] more or less fully [;] shaded as possible (ESUW). 1 ♀, top label - Costa Rica: Guanacaste [;] Santa Rosa Natl. Park [;] 300m, ex. Malaise trap [;] Site #: 10 [;] Dates: 26. x– 16.xi.1985 [;] I.D. Gauld & D. Janzen; second label - [BH] Bosque Humedo [;] mature evergreen dry forest [;] [C] more or less fully [;] shaded as possible (ESUW). 1 ♀, Costa Rica: Guanacaste [;] Santa Rosa National Pk. [;] 300m, Malaise SE-6-C [;] Bosque San Emilio, [;] deciduous forest [;] 50yr. old, Ian Gauld [;] 5.vii.1986, full shade (ESUW). 2 ♀♀, COSTA RICA: Puntarenas [;] RF Golfo Dulce, el 200m [;] 24km W Piedras Blancas [;] P. Hanson vii and ix.1992 (TAMU). 1 ♀, COSTA RICA, Puntar. [;] Golfo Dulce, 3km [;] SW. Rincon, 10m [;] III-VI 1990, Hanson (MICR). 1 ♀, COSTA RICA, Puntar. [;] Golfo Dulce, 24km W. [;] PiedrasBlancas, 200m [;] XII.89-III.90 Hanson (MICR). 1 ♀, Sirena, Osa Pen. [;] VII.77 Cos. Rica [;] D. H. Janzen (AEIC). 5 ♀♀, S.RosaPark, Guan. [;] C. Rica. 25 Jun 77, 15 Jun 77, 16 Nov. 77, 14 Nov 77 and 20 Nov 77 [;] D.H. Janzen [;] Riparian and Dry Hill (AEIC).


This species is distinguished by the 3 cross carinae in the prescutellar furrow and the granulate metasomal terga.


Named for the Bribri, an indigenous people group of Costa Rica.