Pristiphora (Pristiphora) denudata Konow, 1902,

Liston, Andrew D., Knight, Guy T., Sheppard, David A., Broad, Gavin R. & Livermore, Laurence, 2014, Checklist of British and Irish Hymenoptera - Sawflies, ' Symphyta', Biodiversity Data Journal 2, pp. 1168-1168: 1168

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Pristiphora (Pristiphora) denudata Konow, 1902


Pristiphora (Pristiphora) denudata Konow, 1902 

Pristiphora atlantica  Lacourt, 1987: misident.


England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland


Contrary to the opinion of Lacourt (1987), we do not consider this taxon to be synonymous with Pristiphora pallidiventris  ( Fallén, 1808) ( Pristiphora pallidiventris pallidiventris  sensu Lacourt), nor with Pristiphora atlantica  Malaise, 1939 (= Pristiphora atlantica  Lacourt, 1987) as previously treated by Liston (1995), who replaced the name Pristiphora denudata  with Pristiphora atlantica  Lacourt on the grounds that the name Pristiphora denudata  is preoccupied in Pristiphora  by Nematus denudatus  Hartig, 1840. Nematus denudatus  was at that time considered to be a synonym of Pristiphora carinata  (Hartig, 1837). According to Schmidt (in Lacourt 1999), Nematus denudatus  Hartig actually belongs to Amauronematus (Brachycoluma)  , thus removing the homonymy. Pristiphora denudata  differs from Pristiphora pallidiventris  not only in the more extensively pale abdomen (without intermediate specimens), but also in details of the structure of the saw, and is probably attached only to Rubus  species, whereas Pristiphora pallidiventris  is polyphagous on various Rosaceae  .