Incadendron K.Wurdack & Farfan

Wurdack, Kenneth J. & Farfan-Rios, William, 2017, Incadendron: a new genus of Euphorbiaceae tribe Hippomaneae from the sub-Andean cordilleras of Ecuador and Peru, PhytoKeys 85, pp. 69-86: 70-71

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Incadendron K.Wurdack & Farfan

gen. nov.

Incadendron K.Wurdack & Farfan  LSID  gen. nov.


Differs from other members of Euphorbiaceae  by its combination of exudate of white latex, indument lacking; leaves coriaceous, with marginal glands, ptyxis conduplicate; stipules, large, sheathing, mucilage-secreting, deciduous; inflorescences leaf-opposed, spicate, with solitary pistillate flowers and numerous 3-flowered, glan dular staminate cymules; flowers apetalous with 3 sepals, staminate flowers with 3 stamens; fruits large, woody, dehiscent; and seeds dry, ecarunculate.

Type species.

Incadendron esseri  K. Wurdack & Farfan.


Monoecious, glabrous trees. Latex white. Leaves alternate, petiolate, stipulate, simple, entire, glandular along margin near base, base minutely auriculate, penninerved, coriaceous, ptyxis conduplicate; stipules large and sheathing, entire, mucilage-secreting, eglandular, deciduous; petioles eglandular. Inflorescences terminal, solitary, appearing leaf-opposed, subtended by stipuliform bracts; pistillate flower 0-1, basal, bracteate; staminate flowers distal in numerous 3-flowered cymules subtended by verruculose bract and glands, bracteoles absent. Staminate flowers inclinate in bud and later erect, pedicellate; sepals 3, shortly connate; stamens 3, filaments short, free, anthers basifixed, extrorse, 2-thecate, longitudinally dehiscent; petals, pistillodes, staminodes, and disc absent. Pollen subprolate in equatorial view, 3-lobate in polar view, 3-colporate, margo present, tectum perforate. Pistillate flowers pedicellate; calyx 3-lobed, eglandular; ovary smooth, 3-locular, ovules 1 per locule, styles long; stigmas 3, undivided, eglandular; petals, staminodes, and disc absent. Fruit long-pedicellate, subglobose, smooth, dehiscing septicidally into 3 mericarps; pericarp dry, woody, thick; septa of mericarps with single or bifurcated vascular strand; columella alate, persistent. Seeds 3 per fruit, ellipsoid, smooth, ecarunculate.