Brachymeria jambolana Gahan, 1942,

Narendran, T. C. & van Achterberg, Cornelis, 2016, Revision of the family Chalcididae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) from Vietnam, with the description of 13 new species, ZooKeys 576, pp. 1-202: 36

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Brachymeria jambolana Gahan, 1942


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Chalcididae

Brachymeria jambolana Gahan, 1942  Figs 42-43

Brachymeria jambolana  Gahan, 1942: 41 (♀, holotype, India ( USNM), examined); Narendran 1989: 243, 273 (keyed).


1 ♀ ( RMNH), "S. Vietnam: Dóng Nai, Cát Tiên N. P., c. 100 m, 9-26.iv.2007, Crocodile tr[ail], Mal. traps, Mai Phu Quy & Nguyen T. Manh, RMNH’07”; 1 ♂ (IEBR), id., but 9.iv.-19.v.2007.


This species is very close to Brachymeria euploeae  (Westwood) in colour, but differs from Brachymeria euploeae  in having the metasoma not globose or subglobose (as in Brachymeria euploeae  ) and the ovipositor sheath is visible in dorsal view (in Brachymeria euploeae  ovipositor sheath not visible in dorsal view).


(female from Cát Tiên N. P.). ♀, length of body 4.3-4.9 mm.

Colour. Black; antenna black or dark brown; tegula, apical half of fore femur, apical one-third of mid femur, a large spot at apex of hind femur, fore and mid tibiae entirely, and all tarsi yellow. Hind tibia yellow with a narrow band at extreme base and the ventral carina, black. Pubescence on body grayish white and dense on front of head.

Head. Head with pre-orbital carina absent or hardly distinct; post-orbital carina present and reaching geno-temporal margin; antennal clava slightly shorter or at the most as equal to twice length of preceding segment;

Mesosoma. Pits on mesosoma close and interstices carinate and rugose; apex of scutellum rounded or slightly entire. Dorsal margin of pronotal panel slightly arched.

Wings. Fore wing with PMV 0.33-0.36 × length of MV; SMV slightly shorter than twice MV.

Legs. Hind coxa without ventro-mesal tooth; hind femur without an inner basal tooth, outer ventral margin with a row of irregular teeth.

Metasoma. Metasoma sessile but very short petiole visible; subacute and ovate; T1 smooth and shiny; its posterior margin straight; following tergites weakly shagreened.

Male. Unknown.


Danaus  sp. ( Lepidoptera  : Danaidae  ); Orgya postica  (Walker) ( Lepidoptera  : Lymantriidae  ); Cerea subtilis  Walker ( Lepidoptera  : Noctuidae  ); Papilio agamemnon  (Linnaeus) ( Lepidoptera  : Papilionidae  ) ( Howlader 1979; Narendran 1986).


India, Vietnam (new record); Indonesia (Java and Sumatra) ( Noyes 2011).