Reductoonops tina, Platnick & Berniker, 2014

Platnick, Norman I. & Berniker, Lily, 2014, ffle Neotropical goblin spiders of the new genus Reductoonops (Araneae, Oonopidae), American Museum Novitates 2014 (3811), pp. 1-75 : 67-68

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Reductoonops tina

new species

Reductoonops tina , new species ( figs. 381–397 View FIGURES 381–392 View FIGURES 393–402. 393–397 )

TYPES: Male holotype, female allotype, and female paratype from Berlese sample of forest litter taken at an elevation of 720 m at Tinalandia, 16 km southeast of Santo Domingo, 00°17′56″S, 79°03′09″W, Santo Domingo de Los Tsáchilas, Ecuador (Dec. 6, 2009; N. Dupérré, E. Tapia, Niarchos Exped. ), deposited in QCAZ (PBI_ OON 51321 View Materials ), plus one male and one female paratypes, same data, deposited in AMNH (PBI_ OON 49611 View Materials ) GoogleMaps .

DIAGNOSIS: Males can be recognized by the shape of the palpal apophysis, which in ventral view is basally narrow, greatly expanded at about half its length, and then abruptly narrowed ( figs. 389–392 View FIGURES 381–392 ); females have a sinuous anterior genitalic process with a subdistally narrowed tip ( figs. 396, 397 View FIGURES 393–402. 393–397 ).

MALE (PBI_ OON 51321 View Materials , figs. 381–393 View FIGURES 381–392 View FIGURES 393–402. 393–397 ): Total length 0.93. Surface of elevated portion of pars cephalica smooth. Eyes two; ALE touching. Sternum with anterior channels, surface smooth, without pits, microsculpture absent; setae densest laterally. Labium anterior margin indented at middle. Endite tip with enlarged, ridged, anterolateral lobe. Palpal apophysis, in ventral view, basally narrow, greatly expanded at about half its length, then abruptly narrowed; cymbium not fused with bulb.

FEMALE (PBI_ OON 51321 View Materials , figs. 394–397 View FIGURES 393–402. 393–397 ): Total length 0.95. Anterior genitalic process long, narrow, sinuous, subdistally narrowed.

OTHER MATERIAL EXAMINED: ECUADOR: Santo Domingo de Los Tsáchilas: Tinalandia, 16 km SE Santo Domingo, 00°17′56″S, 79°03′09″W, June 15, 1975, Berlese , leaf litter, elev. 680 m (S. Peck, FMNH PBI_ OON 31190 View Materials ), GoogleMaps 3♀, June 5, 1976, Berlese, forest litter, elev. 700 m (S. Peck, FMNH PBI_ OON 10558 View Materials ), GoogleMaps 1♀, Berlese, debris from termite nests, elev. 700 m (S. Peck, FMNH 33707 View Materials , PBI_ OON 10209 View Materials ), GoogleMaps 1♀, Dec. 6, 2009, hand collecting, forest litter, elev. 720 m (B. Baehr, Niarchos Exped., AMNH PBI _ OON 51320 View Materials ), GoogleMaps 2♂, 3♀, including E. Gaublomme sequencing voucher GoogleMaps .

DISTRIBUTION: Ecuador (Santo Domingo de Los Tsáchilas).


Museo de Zoologia, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador


American Museum of Natural History


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