Reductoonops hedlite, Platnick & Berniker, 2014

Platnick, Norman I. & Berniker, Lily, 2014, ffle Neotropical goblin spiders of the new genus Reductoonops (Araneae, Oonopidae), American Museum Novitates 2014 (3811), pp. 1-75 : 71

publication ID 10.1206/3811.1


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Reductoonops hedlite

new species

Reductoonops hedlite , new species ( figs. 486–505 View FIGURES 486–500 View FIGURES 501–510. 501–505 )

TYPES: Male holotype, male paratype, female allotype, and female paratype taken at an elevation of 1910 m at Cuenca Molleturo, Luz María, 02.68918°S, 79.41537°W, Azuay, Ecuador (Jan. 25, 2010; E. Tapia), deposited in QCAZ (PBI_ OON 10793 View Materials ), plus one male and one female paratypes, same data, deposited in AMNH (PBI_ OON 49609 View Materials ) GoogleMaps .

ETYMOLOGY: ffle specific name is an arbitrary combination of letters.

DIAGNOSIS: Members of this species resemble those of R. tandapi in having enlarged eyes ( figs. 486, 487 View FIGURES 486–500 , 503 View FIGURES 501–510. 501–505 ) and widespread sternal setae ( figs. 501, 502 View FIGURES 501–510. 501–505 ); males differ in having a prolonged embolar base ( figs. 497–500 View FIGURES 486–500 ), females in having an abruptly narrowed tip on the anterior genitalic process ( figs. 504, 505 View FIGURES 501–510. 501–505 ).

MALE (PBI_ OON 10793 View Materials , figs. 486–501 View FIGURES 486–500 View FIGURES 501–510. 501–505 ): Total length 1.06. Surface of elevated portion of pars cephalica smooth. Eyes two; ALE separated by less than their radius. Sternum with anterior channels, surface smooth, without pits, microsculpture absent; setae evenly scattered. Labium anterior margin indented at middle. Endite tip with small lobe bearing modified seta, two other modified setae situated more proximally, one of those jutting out to side of endite. Base of embolus with distal protrusion, conductor very narrow; cymbium not fused with bulb.

FEMALE (PBI_ OON 10793 View Materials , figs. 502–505 View FIGURES 501–510. 501–505 ): Total length 1.36. Anterior genitalic process long, with abruptly narrowed tip.

OTHER MATERIAL EXAMINED: ECUADOR: Azuay: Molleturo, Yumate, via Pan de Azúcar , 02.76757°S, 79.43222°W, Jan. 23, 2010, elev. 2450 m (E. Tapia, QCAZ PBI_ OON 10791 View Materials ), 1♀ GoogleMaps .

DISTRIBUTION: Ecuador (Azuay).


Museo de Zoologia, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador


American Museum of Natural History