Plagiolepis Mayr,

Mohamed, S., Zalat, S. & Fadl, H., 2001, Taxonomy of ant species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) collected by pitfall traps from Sinai and Delta region, Egypt., Egyptian Journal of Natural History 3, pp. 40-61: 47

publication ID 10.4314/ejnh.v3i1.30001

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Plagiolepis Mayr


Genus Plagiolepis Mayr  HNS  , 1861.

Plagiolepis Mayr  HNS  , 1861. Europ. Formicid Wien.: 52

Type-species: Formica pygmaea Latreille  HNS  , 1798, Fourmis de la France: 45.

Diagnosis: Mandibles with five teeth, palp formula 6,4, antenna 11 - segmented, alitrunk short, in dorsal view, metanotum separated from mesonotum by impressed suture, propodeum unarmed, petiole a reduced scale.

Distribution: Palaearctic, Ethiopian, Oriental, Australian, Polynesian, Nearactic & Neotropical regions.