Bhattithrips pitkini Mound

Mound, Laurence A., 2009, New taxa and new records of Australian Panchaetothripinae (Thysanoptera, Thripidae), Zootaxa 2292, pp. 25-33: 33

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.191439

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Bhattithrips pitkini Mound


Bhattithrips pitkini Mound 

Although described originally from a single female taken near Brisbane, Queensland, three females and one male have now been studied from Taree on the coast of New South Wales. These specimens were collected from leaves of Claoxylon australe  ( Euphorbiaceae  ). The tergites lack areas of microtrichia sub-laterally, in contrast to the other species of this genus ( Fig. 13View FIGURES 13 – 18). Moreover, the sub-median areas of microtrichia on tergite II that occur in the other species are very weakly developed. In contrast, sternites III –VII have the prominent sub-circular areas with internal microtrichia that are typical of species in this genus.