Mahunka, S., 1986, A survey of the family Carabodidae C. L. Koch, 1836 (Acari: Oribatida), Acta Zoologica Hungarica 32, pp. 73-135: 86

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Bathocepheus  Aoki, 1978 (Figs 11-12, 83)

Aoki, 1978: 86.

Prodorsum: Median surface convex but without transversal apophysis. Lamellae separated, their cuspis rounded, lamellar setae originating on the outer margin of lamellae, the narrow phylliform rostral setae resembling these. Sensillus with dilated end, recurved. Tutorium well observable.

Notogaster: Dorsosejugal suture indistinct, a large, co-shaped concavity existing in the anterior part of notogaster, covered by a thick cerotegument layer. Posteromedian part of notogaster highly convex, without chitinous structure. Thirteen pairs of phylliform notogastral setae of different sizes, two pairs of them originating on the Shoulders.

Coxisternal region: No reference in Aoki's original description.

Anogenital region: A deep concavity existing between the genital and anal apertures. Anogenital setal formula: 4 —0—2— 3. Lyrifissure iad was neither mentioned nor figured.

Type species: Bathocepheus concavus Aoki  , 1978. Bonin I. (Japan).