Spinosuncus contractalis (Warren, 1896)

Chen, Kai, Zhang, Dandan & Li, Houhun, 2018, Systematics of the new genus Spinosuncus Chen, Zhang & Li with descriptions of four new species (Lepidoptera, Crambidae, Pyraustinae), ZooKeys 799, pp. 115-151: 123-124

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Spinosuncus contractalis (Warren, 1896)

comb. n.

Spinosuncus contractalis (Warren, 1896)  comb. n. Figs 3, 10, 19, 28

Paliga contractalis  Warren, 1896, 18(6): 123.

Microstega contractalis  (Warren) Bänziger, 1995: 270.

Material examined.

Type material. Lectotype, 1♂; Khasis, Warren Type, Pyralidae  Brit. Slide No. 8677 ( NHMUK), designated by Bänziger (1995).

Other material examined.

CHINA, Hainan: 2♂, 1♀, Bawangling, Changjiang, 19.12N, 109.08E, alt. 161 m, 22.VII.2014, leg. Cong Peixin, Hu Sha and Liu Linjie, genitalia slide no. ZDD12049 (♂) ( NKU); 1♀, Bawangling, 11.VI.2010, leg. Kang Li, genitalia slide no. SYSU0185; 1♂, 1♀, Jianfengling, 5.VI.2010, leg. Kang Li, genitalia slide no. SYSU0174 (♂); 1♀, Jianfengling, 18.75N, 108.85E, alt. 969 m, 12.IX.2013, leg. Xie Weicai, genitalia slide no. SYSU0067; 1♂, Bangxi Reserve, 19.37N, 109.10E, alt. 97 m, 2.IX.2013, leg. Chen Xiaohua, genitalia slide no. SYSU0017; 1♂, Nankai Town, Baisha, 19.05N, 109.40E, alt. 294 m, 19.V.2013, leg. Li Jinwei, genitalia slide no. SYSU0065; 1♂, Sanya Village, Fanjia, 19.25N, 109.65E, alt. 302 m, 27.X.2013, leg. Chen Kai and Chen Xiaohua, genitalia slide no. SYSU0040; 1♀, Mt. Diaoluoshan, alt. 500 m, 24.V.2014, leg. Xu Dan and Xu Lijun, genitalia slide no. SYSU0914; 1♀, Wuzhishan Natural Reserve, 18.88N, 109.65E, alt. 742 m, 21.V.2015, leg. Cong Xinpei, Guan Wei and Hu Sha ( NKU); Yunnan: 3♂, Bawan, Baoshan, alt. 1040 m, 9.VIII.2007, leg. Zhang Dandan, genitalia slide no. SYSU0019; 5♂, 1♀, Baihualing, Baoshan, alt. 1520 m, 11,13.VII.2007, leg. Zhang Dandan, genitalia slides no. CXH12155 (♂), SYSU0039 (♂), SYSU0047 (♂), SYSU0073 (♀); 2♂, Baihualing, Mt. Gaoligongshan, Baoshan City, 25.30N, 98.80E, alt. 1473 m, 29.VII.2013, leg. Liu Shurong, Teng Kaijian and Wang Yuqi ( NKU); 1♂, Baihualing, Mt. Gaoligongshan, Baoshan City, 25.30N, 98.80E, alt. 1473 m, 7.VIII.2014, leg. Liu Shurong, Rong Hua and Teng Kaijian ( NKU); 1♂, Dahaoping, alt. 2020 m, 6.VIII.2007, leg. Zhang Dandan; 1♂, Jingpozhai, Nabang, Yingjiang, 24.71N, 97.39E, alt. 231 m, 3.VIII.2013, leg. Liu Shurong, Teng Kaijian and Wang Yuqi ( NKU); 2♂, 1♀, 55 km site, Xishuangbanna Natural Reserve, 23.V.2015, leg. Zhang Zhenguo, genitalia slide no. ZDD12053 (♂, molecular voucher no. SYSU-LEP0153) ( NKU); 1♂, Yexiang Valley, Xishuangbanna, 22.17N, 100.87E, alt. 762 m, 18.VII.2014, leg. Guan Wei, Liu Shurong and Wang Xiuchun ( NKU); 2♂, 1♀, Yexiang Valley, Xishuangbanna, 22.17N, 100.87E, alt. 762 m, 10-12.VII.2015, leg. Bai Xia and Teng Kaijian, genitalia slide no. ZDD12048 (♂, molecular voucher no. SYSU-LEP0135) ( NKU); 1♂, Guanping, Mengyang, alt. 1200 m, 20.VIII.2005, leg. Ren Yingdang, genitalia slide no. CYP12056 ( NKU); 1♂, Nanla River, Bubang, Mengla, 21.59N, 101.58E, alt. 652 m, 15.VII.2013, leg. Liu Shurong, Teng Kaijian and Wang Yuqi ( NKU); 1♀, Yaoqu Town, Xishuangbanna, alt. 780 m, 26.V.2015, leg. Tao Manfei, genitalia slide no. SYSU0913, molecular voucher no. SYSU-LEP0133; Tibet: 1♀, Medog, alt. 1103 m, 8.VII.2013, leg. Li Jinwei, genitalia slide no. SYSU0915.


Within the genus, S. contractalis  resembles S. rectacutus  and S. brevacutus  in the relatively small wingspan, the almost indistinguishable wing pattern, the glabrous uncus, a row of dense setae on the transtilla dorsally, the two sclerotized notches anterolaterally on the sinus vaginalis and the short ductus bursae (approximately as long as the length of the corpus bursae). However, it can be differentiated from S. rectacutus  by the somewhat more sinuate postmedial line of the forewing near costa, in the male genitalia by the shorter, excurved spines of the uncus and the acinaciform, densely spinous extension of the sacculus distally. In the female genitalia, it is characterized by the curved sclerotized notches anterolaterally on the sinus vaginalis. The differences between S. contractalis  and S. brevacutus  are given in the diagnosis of the latter species.


Head. As for the genus. Thorax. Yellow. Legs as described for the genus. Wingspan 18-22 mm. Wings yellow, lines fulvous. Forewing broadly triangular with moderately arched termen; antemedial line weakly sinuate from about 1/4 of costa to 2/5 of posterior margin; orbicular stigma small, sometimes faint; reniform stigma a fulvous, slightly curved streak; posterior angle of cell outwardly followed by a fulvous mark; postmedial line from 3/5 of costa slightly sinuate to beyond basal half of CuA1, bent inwardly to 1/3 of CuA2, then to 2/3 of posterior margin; subterminal line from distal end of R2, arched to about 4/5 of CuA2, then concave to 4/5 of posterior margin; fringe yellowish brown. Hindwing with costa and posterior margin translucent whitish; posterior angle of cell outwardly followed by a fulvous mark; postmedial line straight from basal half of M1 to distal third of CuA2, bent inwardly to basal third of CuA2, then straight to near end of 2A; subterminal line from distal third of RS, arched, tapering to CuA2, then concave to distal end of 1A; fringe as in forewing. Abdomen. Yellow dorsally, apical margin of segments tinged with white. Male genitalia (Figure 10). Uncus with lateral margin strongly bulging near distal end, with a sharply widened base; without setae; with two outwardly curved, pointed spines, weakly dentate between the spines. Valva of medium width, slightly narrowing towards apex, length approximately 2 × its maximal width; transtilla dorsally strongly sclerotized and set with dense setae; costal sclerotized band narrow, slightly expanded to 2/3 of dorsal margin; sacculus with distal half expanded, forming acinaciform sclerotized process, dorsally set with dense spines; sella long and slender, rod-like, distal end strongly inflated, set with several narrow, fin-shaped setae forming editum, each seta with apex evenly divided into several filaments. Juxta heart-shaped, deeply divided distally. Phallus with distal 1/3 expanded and spinulose; vesica in distal part with numerous spine-like cornuti appear funnel-shaped (Figure 10C). Female genitalia (Figure 19). Posterior apophysis with small expansion at basal third; anterior apophysis with small expansion beyond basal half. Sinus vaginalis with two curved, sclerotized notches anterolaterally; lamella postvaginalis weakly sclerotized medially, most strongly sclerotized dorsolaterally. Antrum membranous. Ductus bursae moderately broad, nearly as long as length of corpus bursae; colliculum narrow medially. Corpus bursae approximatively drop-shaped; accessory bursa arising from posterior 1/3 of corpus bursae, with small, densely spinulose second signum beside its base; rhombic signum with two opposing angles bearing well developed carinae and closely separated medially, the other two angles bearing dense spines.


(Figure 28). China (Hainan, Yunnan, Tibet), India, Thailand.














Spinosuncus contractalis (Warren, 1896)

Chen, Kai, Zhang, Dandan & Li, Houhun 2018


Microstega contractalis

Meyrick 1890