Telson, Pearse, 1952

Soleglad, Michael E., Fet, Victor, Graham, Matthew R. & Ayrey, Richard F., 2016, Graemeloweus, a new scorpion genus from northern California, USA (Scorpiones: Vaejovidae), Euscorpius 227, pp. 1-38: 10

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The telson of genus Graemeloweus   (see Figure 6) is formed as in most vaejovids, lacking the vesicular ridges which are diagnostic of genus Kovarikia   (see Soleglad, Fet & Graham (2014: 6–8: fig. 5)). The subaculear setal pair is located on vesicle/aculeus juncture, not on the aculeus base as in Kovarikia   . Also, the vesicular linear patch found on dorsal surface of adult Kovarikia   males is not found on male Graemeloweus   specimens (see Soleglad, Fet & Graham (2014: 8, fig. 5)).

Laterobasal Aculear Serrations (LAS) are absent in genus Graemeloweus   . Fet, Soleglad & Brewer (2006: tab. 1) examined 80 species in family Vaejovidae   stating whether a LAS is present and if so, the number of spines present (note, 33 of these were verified with SEM microscopy). Interestingly, most of the species in their study that lacked a LAS were contained in subfamily Vaejovinae   (ten out of twelve), and a majority of these were in genera Pseudouroctonus   and Uroctonites   . Also of note, three species in Pseudouroctonus   that exhibited a LAS were three closely related species, P. andreas   , P. castaneus   , and P. thompsoni   .