Goodenia subg. Porphyranthus (G.Don) K.A.Sheph., Shepherd & Lepschi & Johnson & Gardner & Sessa & Jabaily, 2020

Shepherd, Kelly A., Lepschi, Brendan J., Johnson, Eden A., Gardner, Andrew G., Sessa, Emily B. & Jabaily, Rachel S., 2020, The concluding chapter: recircumscription of Goodenia (Goodeniaceae) to include four allied genera with an updated infrageneric classification, PhytoKeys 152, pp. 27-104: 27

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Goodenia subg. Porphyranthus (G.Don) K.A.Sheph.

comb. et stat. nov.

Goodenia subg. Porphyranthus (G.Don) K.A.Sheph.  comb. et stat. nov.

Goodenia sect. Porphyranthus  G.Don, Gen. hist. 3: 725. 1834 - Type (designated by Carolin in George (ed.), Fl. Australia 35: 330. 1992): G. purpurascens  R.Br.


Subshrubs or herbs, erect or decumbent, sometimes with a basal stock. Leaves basal, cauline or both, sometimes with smaller stem leaves. Flowers in thyrses, racemes, or subumbels, rarely head-like or solitary in axils; bracts leafy or bracteose; bracteoles present or absent; pedicels maybe articulate. Corolla bilabiate, rarely fan-like, yellow, mauve, brownish, purple, pink, or blue; throat glabrous or with long stiff hairs sometimes arranged in rows and confluent towards base, often without enations, often with auricules; pocket usually inconspicuous. Style simple or 3- or 4-fid. Ovary with septum short to 2/3 locule length; ovules in two rows in each locule or scattered over the surface of the placentas. Fruit a capsule, valves 2, persistent or deciduous, entire or bifid. Seeds with a prominent rim or a mucilaginous wing.

Number of taxa and distribution.

This subgenus consists of 121 species that are predominantly Australian with a few species such as G. pumilio  and G. armstrongiana  extending to New Guinea, while G. pilosa  is widespread through southern Asia and China.