Cerolinychus Berlese, 1917

Halliday, R. B., 2015, Catalogue of genera and their type species in the mite Suborder Uropodina (Acari: Mesostigmata), Zootaxa 3972 (2), pp. 101-147 : 108

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Cerolinychus Berlese, 1917


Cerolinychus Berlese, 1917

Notes. Wiśniewski (2005) listed the genus name Cerolinychus Berlese, 1917 among the synonyms of Trichouropoda Berlese, 1916 . The name Cerolinychus Berlese, 1917 also appears in a number of other internet databases. However, Cerolinychus Berlese, 1917 is not listed in the catalogues of Wiśniewski (1993 a, 1993 b, 1993 c), Wiśniewski & Hirschmann (1993) and Hirschmann (1993). I have been unable to find any description of this genus in Berlese (1917) or any other publication by any author, and I have not found any other reference to it in hundreds of books and papers on Uropodina . I consider it to be a nomen nudum until a description can be found.