Ropalidia marginata (Lepeletier, 1836)

Tan, Jiang-Li, Van Achterberg, Kees & Chen, Xue-Xin, 2014, Pictorial key to species of the genus Ropalidia Guerin-Meneville, 1831 (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) from China, with description of one new species, ZooKeys 391, pp. 1-35: 19

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Ropalidia marginata (Lepeletier, 1836)


Ropalidia marginata (Lepeletier, 1836)  Figure 1H

Vespa ferruginea  Fabricius, 1793: 280 (junior primary homonym of Vespa ferruginea  Gmelin, 1790). Type locality: India.

Ropalidia ferruginea  ; Bequaert 1918: 247.

Epipona marginata  Lepeletier, 1836: 541. Type locality: “Inde”.

Ropalidia marginata marginata  ; van der Vecht 1941: 109, 117.

Ropalidia marginata indica  van der Vecht, 1941: 121 (replacement name for Vespa ferruginea  Fabricius, 1793).

Ropalidia marginata sundaica  van der Vecht, 1941: 122. Syn. by Nguyen et al. 2006.

Icaria jucunda  Cameron, 1898: 46.

Ropalidia marginata jucunda  (Cameron, 1898): van der Vecht 1941: 104. Syn. by Nguyen et al. 2006.

Specimens examined.

VIETNAM: 1 ♀ (RMNH), S. Vietnam: Dak Lak, Chu Yang Sin N.P. 50 km S. Buon Ma Thuot, Krong K’Mar, 550-600 m, 23-25.x.2005, near rainforest, C van Achterberg & R de Vries; 1 ♂ (RMNH), S. Vietnam: Dông Nai, Cát Tien N.P., Head Quarters, 3.x.2005, at light, C van Achterberg & R de Vries. INDIA: 1 ♀ (RMNH), S. India, Madras State, Coimbatore, 1400 ft., v.1960, P Susai Nathan; 1 ♀ (RMNH), Madras, India; 1 ♂ (RMNH), India, Ajanda, 13.vii.1978, J Timor. INDONESIA: 1 ♀ + 1 ♂ (RMNH), Java, Malang, Kawi, iv.1933, JG Betrem. SRI LANKA: 1 ♂ (RMNH), Col. Dist., Colombo, 50 ft., museum gardens, 15.i.1977, KV Krombein & P Fernando.


No specimens from China were available in the present study, but this species was reported from China by Lee (1982, 1985) as Ropalidia (Anthreneida) ferruginea  (Fabricius). However, Lee’s (1982, 1985) description and illustration are far from suffcient to define the species. Barthélémy (2008) recorded it from Hong Kong.


China (Guangdong, Hong Kong); Australia (Thursday Islands, Queensland); Bali; Bangka; Borneo; India; Java; Kariman Djava I.; Lombok; Malay Peninsula; Mariana Islands; Myanmar; New Britain; New Guinea; Pakistan; Palau Islands; Philippine Islands; Sri Lanka; Sulawesi; Sumatra; Sumba; Sumbawa; Talud Islands; Tukang Besi Islands; Vietnam; Volcano Islands. ( Lee 1982, 1985, Kojima and Carpenter 1997 and updated to 2006, Kojima et al. 2007, Barthélémy 2008).