Lomechusoides amurensis

Jászay, Tomáš & Hlaváč, Peter, 2013, A taxonomic revision of the myrmecophilous genus Lomechusoides Tottenham, 1939 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae) Part I. Redescription of the genus, definition of species groups and th, Zootaxa 3683 (1), pp. 65-81: 70

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Lomechusoides amurensis


The amurensis  species group

Head narrow, longer than wide, eyes short, shorter than half and longer than one-third of temples, frontal, triangular depression sparsely microsculptured or microsculpture lacking, with equally dense setation. Antennomere III slightly longer than pedicel and shorter or at most as long as IV, all antennomeres matt, with dense microsculpture. Pronotum trapezoidal with straight anterior margin, in anterior third with well-defined medial impression and welldefined microsculpture, median groove weak, disc with tubercules bearing long setae and with variable microsculpture. Metaventral process with lens-like depression, better or weaker defined, surface with puncturation, median line lacking punctures, posterior margin of disc with punctures, only anterior part with microsculpture, lacking macrosetae.

Tergites III–IV on posterior lateral margin finely punctured and with fine macrosetae (8–10), tergites V–VIII with sparse but coarse punctures, especially VI, surface of tergite VII with uneven microsculpture, tergite III–V with macrosetae, VI–VII lacking macrosetae. Sternites with short setae, only on sternite III exceeding posterior margin of sternite, on other sternites setae not exceeding its posterior margin.

List of species. L. amurensis (Wasmann)  , L. kozlovi  sp. nov., L. schneideri Maruyama & Hlaváč  , L. suensoni (Bernhauer)  .

Distribution: Eastern Palaearctic region, from Ural to China, Russian Far East and Japan.