Neivamyrmex mojave (M. R. Smith),

Snelling, G. C. & Snelling, R. R., 2007, New synonymy, new species, new keys to Neivamyrmex army ants of the United States., Advances in ant systematics (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): Homage to E. O. Wilson - 50 years of contributions. (Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 80), pp. 459-550: 481-482

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Neivamyrmex mojave (M. R. Smith)


Neivamyrmex mojave (M. R. Smith)  HNS 

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Eciton (Neivamyrmex) mojave M. R. Smith  HNS  , 1943: 196 (m). U. S. A., California , Mojave Desert ( USNM) examined.  Creighton, 1950: 73 (m).

Neivamyrmex mojave  HNS  : Borgmeier, 1955: 633 - 635 (m). Watkins, 1976: 25; map 47 (m).


UNITED STATES: Southern California; MEXICO: Baja California Sur.


UNITED STATES, CALIFORNIA, Riverside Co.: Riverside ( LACM)  . San Bernardino Co.: Mojave Desert ( USNM)  ; 4 mi. NNW Adelanto 2900 ' ( LACM)  .

MEXICO, BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR: 8.4 mi W on Ramal a Los Naranjo , at light ( LACM)  .


This species has been previously known only from the type specimen, from an unknown locality in the Mojave Desert. The specimen from north of Adelanto was picked up dead on the ground.

Neivamyrmex mojave  HNS  is evidently nearest to N. microps  HNS  and superficially looks much like that ant. However it may be distinguished from that species by the non-toothed volsella, and differences in coloration. This species might also be mistaken for N. minor  HNS  but may be readily distinguished from that species by the small size of the ocelli.

The recently described N. nyensis Watkins  HNS  may be the worker form of this species.

Automontage images of this species are available at antweb. org


USA, Washington D.C., National Museum of Natural History, [formerly, United States National Museum]


USA, Washington D.C., National Museum of Natural History, [formerly, United States National Museum]


USA, California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History