Pseudomyrmex peperi (Forel 1913)

Ward, Philip S., 1993, Systematic studies on Pseudomyrmex acacia-ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Pseudomyrmecinae), Journal of Hymenoptera Research 2, pp. 117-168: 146-149

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Pseudomyrmex peperi (Forel 1913)


Pseudomyrmex peperi (Forel 1913) 

(Figs. 12,24, 58,71)

Pseudomyrma peperi Forel 1913:213  . Syntype workers, Patulul , Guatemala (Peper) ( MHNG) [Examined].  One syntype here designated LECOTYPE  .

Pseudomyrma spinicola race convarians Forel 1913:214  . Syntype worker, Patulul , Guatemala (Peper) ( MHNG) [Examined] [Synonymy by Ward 1989:452]  ,

Pseudomyrma sabanica  [sic] var. saffordi Enzmann 1945:89  . Syntype workers, Yerba Santa , Chiapas, Mexico ( G. N. Collins) ( MCZC) [Examined]  One syntype here designated LECTOTYPE. [Synonymy by Ward 1989:452], Pseudomyrmex peperi (Forel)  ; Kempf 1972:222  .

Worker measurements (n = 53). - HL 0.86-1.13, HW 0.76-0.90, MFC 0.034-0.064, Cl 0.76-0.89, REL 0.45-0.50, REL2 0.54-0.62, OOI 1.15-2.06, VI 0.59-0.79, FCI 0.042-0.071, SI 0.44-0.49, SI2 0.76-0.88, NI 0.62-0.71, PLI 0.54-0.65, PWI 0.63- 0.75, PPWI 1.41-1.83.

Worker diagnosis. - Small species ( HW <0.92) with moderately elongate head (Fig. 12); anterior margin of median clypeal lobe straight or slightly produced medially, laterally rounded or subangulate (never sharply angulate as in P. spinicola  and P. satanicus  ). Palp formula 4,3, rarely 5p4,3. Frontal carinae separated by about basal scape width. Mesosomal and petiolar profile typically as in Fig. 24, but in some workers basal and declivitous faces of propodeum less well differentiated and/or anteroventral tooth of petiole more prominent. Petiole and postpetiole broad, the former subtriangular in dorsal view with well developed posterolateral angles (Fig. 24). Dorsum of head obscurely punctulate-coriarious, matte. Remainder of body with finely punctulate to punctulate-coriarious sculpture, opaque to sublucid; propodeum lacking overlying rugulo-punctate sculpture seen in P. ferrugineus  . Standing pilosity not especially abundant, sometimes lacking (worn?) on mesonotum. Appressed pubescence abundant but very fine. Light to medium brown, rarely dark brown, the gaster sometimes darker than the rest of body; appendages lighter.

Comments. - P. peperi  is recognized by the features mentioned above and in the key. The combination of small elongate head, broad posterolaterally angulate petiole, and matte head surface is found in no other acacia ant workers or queens.

Distribution and biology. - This species has a rather wide distribution, from eastern Mexico to Nicaragua (Fig. 71). It has been collected from Acacia chiapensis, A. collinsii, View Cited Treatment View Cited Treatment   A. cornigera, View Cited Treatment   A. gentlei View Cited Treatment   , A. globulifera View Cited Treatment   and A. hindsii View Cited Treatment   . P. peperi  is apparently polygynous over much of its range, and often occurs sympatrically with the commoner P. ferrugineus  . Some aspects of its biology in Mexico are discussed by Janzen (1967b) under the name " P. nigrocincta  ".

Material examined ( AMNH,  BMNH,  CASC,  INHS,  LACM,  MCZC,  MNHG,  MZSP,  NHMV,  PSWC,  SEMC,  UCDC,  USNM  ). -

BELIZE Belize'. 16mi SW Belize, rd. to Cayo (D.H.Janzen)  ; 5.5mi NW Belize, rd. to Chetumal (D.H.Janzen)  ; Cayo: 20km S Augustine , 300m (G.D.Alpert)  ; Sanlgnacio (S.E.Schoenig)  ; Corozal: 15mi S Sta.Elena (Louisville) (D.H.Janzen)  . EL SALVADOR Ahuachapan: 7.8mi S Hachadura (D.H.Janzen)  ; Chalatenango: 2.5mi N Tejutla, rd. to La Palma , 580m (D.H.Janzen)  ; 4.7mi NW La Palma , 880m (D.H.Janzen)  ; 5.5mi SE La Palma , 1130m (D.H.Janzen)  ; 7.5mi SE Tejutla , 320m (D.H.Janzen)  ; La Libertad: 2-4km S Quezaltepeque (W.L.Brown)  ; 2mi E La Libertad (D.H.Janzen)  ; 5mi N Quezaltepeque (M.E.Irwin)  ; 7.4miNLaLibertad (D.H.Janzen)  ; Hda. Capolinas, 5kmNW Quezaltepeque , 450m (M.E.Irwin)  ; Quezaltepeque (M.E.Irwin)  ; Santa Tecla [=Nueva San Salvador] (P.Berry)  ; La Union: 7.1mi W Amatillo , 190m (D.H.Janzen)  ; between La Union & San Miguel , 100m [= 22.3mi S Sirama] (D.H.Janzen)  ; between La Union & Usulatan , 150m [= 2.6mi S Sirama] (D.H.Janzen)  ; Lapaz: 11.6mi W Zacatecoluca , 0m (D.H.Janzen)  ; San Miguel: between La Union & San Miguel , 110m [= 22.3mi E Usulutan] (D.H.Janzen)  ; Santa Ana: 5.3mi NW Santa Ana , 660m (on Hwy.1) (D.H.Janzen)  ; Sonsonate: 24.2mi SE Hachadura (D.H.Janzen)  ; 4.5mi S Sonsonate (D.H.Janzen)  ; 41.4mi NW La Libertad , 10m (D.H.Janzen)  .

GUATEMALA Alta Verapaz: San Joaquin, nr. San Cristobal Verapaz , 1080m (D.H.Janzen)  ; El Progreso: 24.5mi NE Cd. Guatemala [on CA-9] (D.H.Janzen)  ; Escuintla: 1.7mi S Escuintla , 370m [on CA-2] (D.H.Janzen)  ; 43km S Cd. Guatemala [= 15km E Escuintla] (D.H.Janzen)  ; Escuintla (W.M. Wheeler)  ; San Jose (E.S.Ross  ; E.I.Schlinger & E.S.Ross)  ; Guatemala: 19km S Cd. Guatemala [on CA-9] (D.H.Janzen)  ; 20mi SE Cd. Guatemala , 1060m [on CA-1] (D.H.Janzen)  ; 7.9mi S Cd. Guatemala , 1360m [onCA-9] (D.H.Janzen)  ; Escuintla-Cd.Guatemala [= 19km S Cd. Guatemala] (D.H.Janzen)  ; Izabal: 9.9mi SW Quirigua (D.H.Janzen)  ; Lago Izabal, 1.5km NE El Estor (D.H.Janzen)  ; Quiriguá (D.H.Janzen  ; W.M. Wheeler)  ; nr. Mariscos (D.H.Janzen)  ; Jutiapa: 11.5mi W Jutiapa , 900m (D.H.Janzen)  ; 12.3mi E Guazacapan (D.H.Janzen)  ; 2.3mi NW Pijiji [=Pijije] (D.H.Janzen)  ; 23mi E Taxisco (G.F. & S.Hevel)  ; 3.4mi N San Cristobal, rd. to Jutiapa , 400m (D.H.Janzen)  ; 47mi SE Escuintla , 250m [= 47mi S Escuintla] (D.H.Janzen)  ; 6.9mi N San Cristobal , 290m (D.H.Janzen)  ; 8.4mi N San Cristobal , 280m (D.H.Janzen)  ; 9.7mi E Jutiapa , 750m ( San Cristobal) [=9.3miNE Jutiapa] (D.H.Janzen)  ; Peten: 70km NW Tikal (W.R.Tschinkel)  ; Tikal (D.H.Janzen  ; W.R.Tschinkel)  ; Retalhuleu: 2miNE Champerico (D.H.Janzen)  ; 5mi W Retalhuleu (D.H.Janzen)  ; 5mi W Retalhuleu, Hwy.CA-2, at Rio Nil (D.H.Janzen)  ; Santa Rosa: 6mi S Guazacapan (D.H.Janzen)  ; Suchitepequez: Patulul (Peper)  ; Zacapa: 10mi SW El Lobo , 170m [on CA- 9] [= 9.2mi NE Piedras de Afilar] (D.H.Janzen)  ; 2.0mi NE Rio Hondo , 190m [on CA-9] (D.H.Janzen)  ; 2.6mi SW El Lobo , 100m [on CA-9] [= 16.6mi NE Piedras de Afilar] (D.H.Janzen)  ; 5.6mi NE Rio Hondo , 250m [on CA-9] (D.H.Janzen)  ; 8. lmi SW Los Amates , 160m [on CA-9] [=8.0mi NE El Lobo] (D.H.Janzen)  ; 9.7mi NE Piedras de Afilar , 150m [on CA-9] [= 9.5mi SW El Lobo] (D.H.Janzen)  ; Zacapa (W.M.Wheeler)  ; kml42 on Guatemala-Pto.Barrios Rd. nr. Los Amates (D.H.Janzen)  .

HONDURAS Choluteca: 19.3mi SW San Marcos de Colon, on Hwy.1 (D.H.Janzen)  ; 19mi NE Choluteca (D.H.Janzen)  ; 20.4mi SW San Marcos de Colon , 490m (D.H.Janzen)  ; 3.6mi W Choluteca , 200m (D.H.Janzen)  ; 7.4mi NE Choluteca , 150m (D.H.Janzen)  ; Colon: Trujillo , 80m (Echtemacht)  ; Comayagua: 11.7mi S San Antonio , 830m (D.H.Janzen)  ; 4mi N Comayagua , 500m (D.H.Janzen)  ; Cortes'. 24.6mi SW San Pedro Sula , 240m (D.H.Janzen)  ; Francisco Morazán: 24.3mi S Camayagueela (=Tegucigalpa) , 1000m (D.H.Janzen)  ; 30.4mi S Camayagueela (D.H.Janzen)  ; 30.5mi S Camayagueela , 930m (D.H.Janzen)  ; Ocotepeque: 2.3mi E [Nueva] Ocotepeque , 1090m (D.H.Janzen)  ; Nueva Ocotepeque , 910m (D.H.Janzen)  ; Santa Barbara: 13.7mi SW Quimistan , 320m (D.H.Janzen)  ; Valle: 18.5mi W Jicaro Galan (D.H.Janzen)  ; 4.6mi E Jicaro Galan , 190m (D.H.Janzen)  .

MEXICO Camp.: 0.1mi S Tenabo, rd. to Becal (D.H.Janzen)  ; 0.8mi E Campeche (D.H.Janzen)  ; 29mi E & 12mi S Campeche (Ruinas Edzna) (D.H.Janzen)  ; 29mi E Campeche (D.H.Janzen)  ; 48mi NE Puerto Real (Isla Aguada), Hwy.180 (D.H.Janzen)  ; 5mi S Tenabo (Campeche-Becal Rd.) (D.H.Janzen)  ; Campeche (N.L.H.Krauss)  ; Chis.: 2.4mi E Chiapa de Corzo, Hwy. 190, 580m (D.H.Janzen)  ; 2kmN Yxhuatan [ Ixhuatan ], "2miN Tapilula" (D.H.Janzen)  ; 32mi W [San] Cristobal de las Casas, Hwy.190 (D.H.Janzen)  ; 3km ENE Chiapa de Corzo , 500m (P.S.Ward)  ; 3mi N Soyalo [on Hwy.195] (D.H.Janzen)  ; 42.5mi S Comitan , Hwy. 190, 680m (D.H.Janzen)  ; 5.4mi E Chiapa de Corzo, Hwy. 190, 770m (D.H.Janzen)  ; 56.9mi NE [NW?] Tapachula [on Hwy.200?] (D.H.Janzen)  ; 7.0mi NE [NW?] Tapachula [on Hwy. 200?] (D.H.Janzen)  ; 7.5mi NW Cd.Cuauhtemoc, Hwy.190 (D.H.Janzen)  ; 8.5mi S La Trinitaria, Hwy.190 (D.H.Janzen)  ; FincaEsmeralda (R.Nettel F.)  ; Puerto de San Benito [=Puerto Madero] (R.Nettel F.)  ; Tonalá, 40m (D.H.Janzen)  ; Yerba Santa ( G.N. Collins)  ; Hgo.: 2km W Orizatlan , 245m (W.MacKay)  ; Oax.: 11.4-17.0mi W Tehuantepec (D.H.Janzen)  ; 19km N San Pedro Pochutla , 200m (W.MacKay)  ; 3.9mi E Tehuantepec (D.H.Janzen)  ; 5.7mi W "Tapanapec" [=Tapanatepec] (D.H.Janzen)  ; 6.0mi E Niltepec,Hwy. 190, 100m (D.H.Janzen)  ; 8.1mi W Niltepec, Hwy. 190, 60m (D.H.Janzen)  ; Temascal (D.H.Janzen)  ; Temascal , 25m (D.H.Janzen)  ; Q.Roo: 12.2mi S Peto, Q.Roo-Yucatan border (D.H.Janzen)  ; 26.6mi S Felipe Carillo Puerto (D.H.Janzen)  ; 5.4mi E Polyuc (D.H.Janzen)  ; Cancun (A.Dejean)  ; Cenote de Las Ruinas, 8km NW Polyuc (J.Red et al.)  ; Chetumal (J.C. & D.Pallister)  ; San Miguel, Cozumel I. (N.L.H.Krauss)  ; Sian Ka' an (A.Dejean)  ; Sian Ka' an Reserve, nr. Felipe Carillo Puerto (A.Dejean)  ; S.L.P.: 2mi N Rio Amahac, Tamazunchale , 400ft. (W.S.Creighton)  ; 6mi NW Tamazunchale , 600ft.(Univ.Kansas Mex.Exped.)  ; 8mi W San Joachin (W. J.Gertsch)  ; El Bonito, 7mi S Cd. Valles , 300 ft. (P.H. &M.Amaud)  ; El Salto (W.E.LaBerge)  ; Tamazunchale (D.H.Janzen)  ; Tamazunchale , 600ft. (W.S.Creighton)  ; Ver.: 29.5mi NW Tuxpan, Hwy. 122 [actually Hwy. 127] (D.H.Janzen)  ; Alazan (F.Parker & D.Miller)  ; Cordoba (W.M.Mann)  ; Cotaxtla Exp. Sta.,Cotaxtla (D.H.Janzen)  ; Mirador (E.Skwarra)  ; Veracruz (E.Skwarra)  ; Yuc.: 30mi S Merida (P.J.Spangler)  ; 8mi E Merida (rd. to Pto. Juarez) (D.H.Janzen)  ; Itzimna (J.C. & D.Pallister)  ; Merida (D.H.Janzen  ; N.L.H.Krauss)  ; Oxkutzcab (D.H.Janzen)  ; Sta. Elena, S of Ticul, "Hwy.180" [prob.Hwy.261] (D.H.Janzen)  ; state unknown: “Mex”(“Norton”)  .

NICARAGUA Esteli: 1mi N Condega , 500m (D.H.Janzen)  ; 2.5mi N Condega , 620m (D.H.Janzen)  ; Leon: San Jacinto (J.M.Maes)  ; Madriz: 3mi WSomoto , 650m [= 2.5mi WSomoto] (D.H.Janzen)  ; Nueva Segovia: 7.1mi W Amatillo (D.H.Janzen)  .


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Pseudomyrmex peperi (Forel 1913)

Ward, Philip S. 1993

[sic] var. saffordi

Enzmann 1945: 89

Pseudomyrma peperi

Forel 1913: 213

Pseudomyrma spinicola race convarians

Forel 1913: 214