Cryptochironomus tamayoroi Sasa & Suzuki, 1995

Yan, Chuncai, Liu, Ting, Cao, Wei, Zhao, Guangjun & Liu, Wenbin, 2018, A review of the Japanese Cryptochironomus Kieffer, 1918 (Diptera, Chironomidae), ZooKeys 771, pp. 139-155: 145

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Cryptochironomus tamayoroi Sasa & Suzuki, 1995


Cryptochironomus tamayoroi Sasa & Suzuki, 1995 

Cryptochironomus tokaracedeus  Sasa & Suzuki, 1995: 260.

Material examined.

Japan. ♂ (No. 286: 21), edge of rice paddies, Tokara Islands, Kagoshima, Japan. 18-19. v. 1994, sweep net, Coll. H. Suzuki.

Diagnostic characters.

Frontal tubercles present. The tibia of front leg with one subapical seta. The posterior margin of tergite IX shoulder-like. Anal point tapering to the apex, lateral setae and microtrichia absent. Anal tergite bands “H” -shaped. Superior volsella small, thumb-like, almost entirely covered by microtrichia; inferior volsella bearing three apical setae at apex, free microtrichia.