Sigela subincisa Troubridge

Troubridge, J. T., 2020, A new genus and 37 new noctuoid species from peninsular Florida and the Keys (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea), Insecta Mundi 2020 (789), pp. 1-56 : 9-10

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Sigela subincisa Troubridge

sp. nov.

Sigela subincisa Troubridge , new species

( Fig. 17 View Figures 13–25 , 89 View Figures 85–92 )


Diagnosis. Sigela subincisa is superficially like Sigela brauneata (Swett) . Both species exhibit a distinct blackish brown reniform spot and gray scales that form the ordinary lines of the forewing and hindwing. They differ in

that the ordinary lines of S. brauneata are much darker and less distinct than those of S. subincisa , and the hindwing of S. brauneata is evenly rounded, whereas that of S. subincisa is indented at the tips of the cubital veins.

Description. Antennae filiform, ciliate; head, vertex, labial palps and thorax light beige; first and second abdominal segments light beige; the remainder darker gray brown. Dorsal forewing (male). Forewing length 4–5 mm, quadrifine. Ground color beige; basal, antemedial, medial, and postmedial lines dark brown to gray brown with blackish-brown reniform spot present on postmedial line; submarginal line thin, jagged, light beige, edged basally with broad area of dark-brown to gray-brown scales; thin marginal line dark brown; fringe beige with light beige dots at tips of veins. Dorsal hindwing. Ground color beige, diffuse dark-brown scales extend into antemedial, medial, and postmedial areas from tornus approximately halfway across wing, fringe beige with light beige dots at tips of veins. Male genitalia ( Fig. 89 View Figures 85–92 ). Valve unarmed, long, narrow, with even sides, rounded at tip, dorsal edge of sacculus heavily sclerotized, giving rigidity to valve. Vesica uninflated but two cornuti appear to be present; uncus talon-like, pointed, and downturned at tip. Female genitalia. Unknown.

Type material. Holotype male: USA: Florida, Monroe Co.: No Name Key , 24.695°N, 81.329°W, 12.Mar.2018, BOLD sample ID: KSLEP1274 , J. Troubridge, in the CNC GoogleMaps . Paratypes: 2♂: Miami-Dade Co.: 25.396°N, 80.566° W, 24.Sept.2016, J. Vargo, 1♂ GoogleMaps ; Monroe Co.: Big Pine Key , 24.673°N 81.363°W, Malaise trap, 8–22.Jan.2019, J. Farnum, slide MGCL 5054 , 1♂ ( FSCA) GoogleMaps .

Etymology. Subincisa refers to indentation along the margin of the hindwing at the tip of the cubital veins.

Distribution. Sigela subincisa has been collected only in extreme southern Florida.


Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes


Florida State Collection of Arthropods, The Museum of Entomology













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