Euscirrhopterus argentata (Druce)

Troubridge, J. T., 2020, A new genus and 37 new noctuoid species from peninsular Florida and the Keys (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea), Insecta Mundi 2020 (789), pp. 1-56 : 32-33

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.4585782

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Euscirrhopterus argentata (Druce)


Euscirrhopterus argentata (Druce) View in CoL , revived status

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The DNA of Euscirrhopterus poeyi Grote ( Fig. 51 View Figures 49–54 ) (BIN: BOLD:ABA3355) from the Florida Keys was analyzed and the 658 COI base pairs compared with those of specimens of E. “ poeyi ” from Mexico and Costa Rica. The results showed a 5.33% difference between the two. I treat E. poeyi , described from Cuba, as the valid name for Florida specimens because the Mexican and Central American species is clearly distinct. The name E. argentata (Druce) , revived status, described from Mexico and Guatemala, is available for the Mexican and Central American species, which I here raise from the synonymy of E. poeyi to full species status. Euscirrhopterus argentata is distinguished from E. poeyi by the darker gray of the forewing and broader submarginal black band on the hindwing of E. argentata .

Noctuidae : Condicinae : Condicini

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