Paraxizicus sinensis ( Tinkham, 1944 )

Mao, Shao-Li & Shi, Fu-Ming, 2007, A review of the genus Paraxizicus Gorochov & Kang, 2005 (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Meconematinae), Zootaxa 1474, pp. 63-68: 65-66

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Paraxizicus sinensis ( Tinkham, 1944 )


4. Paraxizicus sinensis ( Tinkham, 1944)  com. nov.

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Xiphidiopsis sinensis: Tinkham, 1944: 524  ; Beier, 1966: 275; Otte, 1997: 91. Eades et al., 2007: Orthoptera  Species File Online (Version 2.8).

Redescription of male. Fastigium verticis conical, apex blunted, dorsally weakly furrowed. Maxillary palpi long, apical segment of maxillary palpi almost with the same length as subapical one, apex faintly inflated. Lateral lobe of pronotum with substraight anterior margin; humeral sinus inconspicuous. Anterior tibiae with 5 spines both on internal and external ventral margins. Posterior tibiae with 30 to 32 spines on dorsal margins. Tenth abdominal tergite with a pair of rather small, triangular processes. Sclerotized part of tenth abdominal tergite rather narrow, membranous area rather wide, subtrapezoided. Cerci simple, with a small styli-shaped process on the baso-ventral part, apical half of inner surface sulcated, apex bilobated. Lateral margins of subgenital plate covered by extended parts of ninth abdominal tergite, styli rather thin and long.

Coloration. Body yellowish green. Head with black stripes behind the inner corners of compound eyes, extending to posterior margin of pronotum. Disc of pronotum brown. Apices of posterior femora knees with black spots.

Material examined. China: Huangjing, Luding, Sichuan Province, 17 males, 17 females; Xiangnan, Sichuan Province, 1 male; Simianshan, Chongqing, 1 female, Jul. 2002; collected by Bai Ming and Wang Jian-Feng. Simianshan, Chongqing, 4 males, 3 females, Aug. 2003, collected by Liu Yu-Shuang. Yaan, Sichuan Province, 1 male, Jul. 2004; Qingchengshan, Chongqing, 2 males, Jul. 1997; collected by Shi Fu- Ming.

Distribution. CHINA (Chongqing, Hubei, Sichuan).






Paraxizicus sinensis ( Tinkham, 1944 )

Mao, Shao-Li & Shi, Fu-Ming 2007


Xiphidiopsis sinensis:

Otte 1997: 91
Beier 1966: 275Tinkham 1944: 524