Paraxizicus Gorochov & Kang, 2005

Mao, Shao-Li & Shi, Fu-Ming, 2007, A review of the genus Paraxizicus Gorochov & Kang, 2005 (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Meconematinae), Zootaxa 1474, pp. 63-68: 63

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Paraxizicus Gorochov & Kang, 2005


Genus Paraxizicus Gorochov & Kang, 2005 

Gorochov & Kang, 2005: 71–75; Eades et al., 2007: Orthoptera  Species File Online (Version 2.8). Type species: Paraxizicus brevicercus Gorochov & Kang, 2005  .

Body medium size, similar to the species of Xizicus  in general. Head with compound eyes protruding anteriorly; fastigium verticis conical, dorsally furrowed; hypognathous, apical segment of maxillary palpi almost as long as subapical one, apex enlarged. Pronotum with obvious posterior transverse sulcus, humeral sinus unconspicuous. Thoracic auditory spiracle completely free. Tegmina long, surpassing the apex of posterior femora. Hind wings little longer than tegmina. Tenth abdominal tergite of male with posterior process or without, sclerotized part of tenth tergite separated from epiproct by rather wide membranous area. Epiproct rather small, simple, semi-membranous, directed more or less downwards. Male cerci simple, with one process on the baso-ventral part or without. Subgenital plate of male almost trapezoided or rectangled. Male genitalia membranous. Ovipositor long or short, curved dorsad, ventral valvula with hooked apex. Subgenital plate of female small. Female cerci conical, straight or faintly curved.