Paraxizicus lacusicera ( Shi et al., 1995 )

Mao, Shao-Li & Shi, Fu-Ming, 2007, A review of the genus Paraxizicus Gorochov & Kang, 2005 (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Meconematinae), Zootaxa 1474, pp. 63-68: 64-65

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Paraxizicus lacusicera ( Shi et al., 1995 )


3. Paraxizicus lacusicera ( Shi et al., 1995)  com. nov.

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Xiphidiopsis lacusicera: Shi et al., 1995: 39  –40; Liu & Yin, 2004: 99.

Material examined. China: Libo, Guizhou Province, 7 males, 4 females, Jul. 2003; 13 males, 18 females, Aug. 2000; collected by Shi Fu-Ming.

Redescription of male. Head with subglobose compound eyes protruding anteriorly; fastigium verticis conical, dorsally furrowed; maxillary palpi shorter than orther species, apical and subapical segments almost with the same length, apex enlarged. Pronotum with substraight anterior margin, posterior margin angularly rounded; humeral sinus unconspicuous. Anterior coaxe with one spine; anterior tibiae with 4 internal and 5 external spines on ventral margins. Posterior tibiae with 24 to 26 spines on both dorsal margins. Tenth abdominal tergite with a process, directing upwards, apex bifurcate. Sclerotized part of tenth abdominal tergite separated from epiproct by triangular membranous area. Cerci stout in basal two thirds, subapical part depressed dorsally. Subgenital plate subrectangled, styli on subapical margin, stout.

Redescription of female. Body similar to male in general. Lateral areas of eighth and ninth abdominal tergites with processes or concavitites. Seventh abdominal sternite inflated, posterior margin with a triangular middle notch. Cerci conical, apex thin. Subgenital plate covered by seventh abdominal sternite in basal half seen from ventral side, posterior margin almost rounded. Ovipositor short, not surpassing apex of posterior femora, strongly curved dorsad, ventral valvula with small hook on apex.

Coloration. Body green. Head brown dorsally, behind compound eyes with black brown speckles. Disc of pronotum yellowish brown, with black brown stripes along lateral margins. Tegmina with light brown spots. Knees of posterior femora with black brown spots.






Paraxizicus lacusicera ( Shi et al., 1995 )

Mao, Shao-Li & Shi, Fu-Ming 2007


Xiphidiopsis lacusicera: Shi et al., 1995 : 39

Liu 2004: 99Shi 1995: 39