Yuebeipotamon , Huang, Chao, Shih, Hsi-Te & Mao, Si Ying, 2016

Huang, Chao, Shih, Hsi-Te & Mao, Si Ying, 2016, Yuebeipotamoncalciatile, a new genus and new species of freshwater crab from southern China (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura, Potamidae), ZooKeys 615, pp. 61-72: 62-63

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gen. n.

Taxon classification Plantae Decapoda Potamidae

Yuebeipotamon  gen. n.


Carapace subquadrate, with dorsal surface slightly convex, surface generally smooth, rugose on anterolateral regions (Fig. 2A); postorbital and epigastric cristae distinct, not confluent (Fig. 2A); external orbital angle sharply triangular, separated from anterolateral margin by a narrow gap (Fig. 2A, B); median lobe of posterior margin of epistome sharply triangular (Fig. 2B); third maxilliped with relatively broad ischium, exopod of third maxilliped reaches beyond anterior edge of ischium, with short flagellum (Fig. 3D); male abdomen triangular, with short triangular telson (Fig. 2C); G1 generally slender, terminal segment large, elongated, with subbasal flap (Figs 2D, 3B, C); basal segment of G2 subquadrate (Fig. 3A).

Type species.

Yuebeipotamon calciatile  sp. n., by monotypy.


The genus name is derived from the Chinese spelling system "Yue Bei", which means northern Guangdong, for the locality of this genus. The suffix " Potamon  " refers to the type genus of the family Potamidae  , Potamon  . Gender of genus neuter.


Although Sinopotamon  , Longpotamon  , Tenuilapotamon  , and Yuebeipotamon  are superficially similar in carapace features, Yuebeipotamon  can easily be distinguished from by a number of characters (Table 1).

Comparative material from China.

Sinopotamon kwanhsiense  Tai & Sung, 1975: 1 ♂ (45.3 × 36.0 mm), IZCAS CB7659, Chengdu, Sichuan, 1984. Sinopotamon pingshanense  Dai & Liu, 1994: 1 ♂ (45.2 × 34.3 mm), IZCAS CB8278, Muchuan, Sichuan, Oct. 1986. Longpotamon anyuanense  (Dai, Zhou & Peng, 1995): 1 ♂ (45.7 × 39.1 mm) (SYSBM 001080), Shaoguan City, Guangdong, Apr. 2013; Longpotamon chekiangense  (Tai & Sung, 1975): 1 ♂ (32.0 × 26.1 mm) (SYSBM 001079), Lucheng District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang, Mar. 2013; Longpotamon fukienense  (Dai & Chen, 1979): 1 ♂ (45.7 × 39.1 mm) (SYSBM 001054), Fuqing City, Fujian, May 2013. Tenuilapotamon joshuiense  (Dai, Song, He, Cao, Xu & Zhong, 1975): 1 ♂ (23.6 × 19.3 mm) (SYSBM 001270), Lianyuan City, Hunan, Sep. 2013; 1 ♀ (23.7 × 19.4 mm) (SYSBM 001271), same data as above.