Centromerus variegatus Denis, 1962

Crespo, Luis C., Boieiro, Mario, Cardoso, Pedro, Aguiar, Carlos A. S., Amorim, Isabel R., Barrinha, Carla, Borges, Paulo A. V., , 2014, Spatial distribution of Madeira Island Laurisilva endemic spiders (Arachnida: Araneae), Biodiversity Data Journal 2, pp. 1051-1051: 1051

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Centromerus variegatus Denis, 1962


Centromerus variegatus Denis, 1962 


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: sex: 1 male, 2 females; Location: locationID: 25; higherGeography: Macaronesia; continent: Europe; waterBody: Atlantic Ocean; islandGroup: Madeira archipelago; island: Madeira; country: Portugal; countryCode: PT; stateProvince: Madeira; county: Porto Moniz; locality: Fanal ; verbatimElevation: 890; decimalLatitude: 32.8236; decimalLongitude: -17.156; geodeticDatum: WGS84; Event: samplingProtocol: Direct samplingGoogleMaps 

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Madeira island (Fig. 1d)


Records of Centromerus variegatus  are extremely scarce. After its formal description based on five specimens collected in Santo da Serra ( Denis 1962), only an additional specimen was later reported from Rabaçal ( Wunderlich 1987).