Plekocheilus (Aeropictus) tenuissimus Weyrauch, 1967

Breure, Abraham S. H. & Avila, Valentin Mogollon, 2016, Synopsis of Central Andean Orthalicoid land snails (Gastropoda, Stylommatophora), excluding Bulimulidae, ZooKeys 588, pp. 1-199: 6

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Plekocheilus (Aeropictus) tenuissimus Weyrauch, 1967


Taxon classification Animalia Stylommatophora Amphibulimidae

Plekocheilus (Aeropictus) tenuissimus Weyrauch, 1967  Figs 2 A–C, 14

Plekocheilus (Orcesiellus) tenuissimus  Weyrauch 1967: 469, figs 23, 50.

Plekocheilus tenuissimus  ; Richardson 1995: 323 (references).

Plekocheilus (Aeropictus) tenuissimus  ; Breure and Borrero 2008: 7; Borrero and Breure 2011: 15, figs 5 A–C; Breure 2012a: 12.

Type locality.

"Ecuador, Tandayapa, en la vertiente oriental del cerro Pichincha, approximadamento 2500 m".

Type material.

FML 3364, holotype.


Shell relatively small, with hardly convex whorls, the height of the aperture 0.72 total shell height, suture descending in front, but sharply ascending behind the lip, parietal callus pale greenish-brown.


Shell height 27.8, diameter 17.4 mm.


Ecuador, Prov. Pichincha, Tandayapa; ?Prov. Carchi, El Laurel ( Breure and Borrero 2008).


Northwestern Andean montane forests [NT0145].


This species occurs on the western slope of the Andes in cloud forest. Fig. 85 C–D is possibly a living specimen of this species, for which no voucher could be studied.