Adiposphaerion rubrum Martins & Napp, 1992

Nascimento, Francisco E. De L. & Botero, Juan Pablo, 2018, New species, new records and notes in Cerambycidae from Colombia, Zootaxa 4375 (3), pp. 426-432 : 429

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Adiposphaerion rubrum Martins & Napp, 1992


Adiposphaerion rubrum Martins & Napp, 1992

( Figs. 5–7 View FIGURES1–7. 1–4 )

Geographical Distribution. French Guiana, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil (Amazonas).

Specimens examined. COLOMBIA, Meta : San Martin, male, 21–23.IV.2006, no collector indicated, MPUJ _ ENT0023579 View Materials ( MPUJ) . BRAZIL, Amazonas: Benjamin Constant ( Sítio do Damião , 04º24’41”S, 70º02’30”W), male, 8–10.IX.2005, J.A. Rafael & F.F. Xavier F. leg, armadilha luminosa ( MZSP). New country record. GoogleMaps

Remarks: This species was described based on a single female by Martins & Napp in 1992. Subsequently, Galileo & Martins (2011) described the male and mentioned that the antennae reach the apical fourth of the elytra in females, and their antennomere III lacks a sulcus or carina, while in males the antennae reach the elytral apex at base of antennomere X, and the antennomere III is bicarinate and longitudinally sulcate. We examined two male specimens and observed that, besides the differences mentioned by Galileo & Martins (op. cit.), another sexually dimorphic character is the ventral area of the meso- and metafemora with a deep longitudinal groove bordered by a remarkable brush of bristles ( Fig. 7 View FIGURES1–7. 1–4 ), a characteristic absent in females.


Sao Paulo, Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de Sao Paulo

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