Rhizoniera Griessinger, 1971

Muricy, Guilherme, Esteves, Eduardo L., Monteiro, Leandro C., Rodrigues, Beatriz Roma & Albano, Rodolpho M., 2015, A new species of Haliclona (Demospongiae: Haplosclerida: Chalinidae) from southeastern Brazil and the first record of Haliclona vansoesti from the Brazilian coast, Zootaxa 3925 (4), pp. 536-550: 539

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Rhizoniera Griessinger, 1971


Subgenus Rhizoniera Griessinger, 1971 

Definition. Chalinidae  with an anisotropic, ladder-like choanosomal skeleton consisting of uni- multispicular ascending primary lines, connected by irregular unispicular secondary lines. Ectosomal skeleton usually absent; if present, consisting only of some vaguely strewn tangentially orientated oxeas. Spongin moderate to absent. Megascleres usually slender oxeas with acerated points. No microscleres (emmended from de Weerdt, 2002). Type species: Reniera rhizophora Vacelet, 1969  .