Wang, Feng-Yan & Zhou, Hong-Zhang, 2011, A synopsis on the Chinese species of Clytra Laicharting, with description of two new species (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cryptocephalinae: Clytrini), Zootaxa 3067, pp. 1-25: 18

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12. Clytra  (s. str.) rubrimaculata Tan, 1992 

( Figs. 10 View Figure A–G, 12 H).

Tan, 1992: 780 (type locality: Yunnan); Regalin & Medvedev, 2010: 566 (catalogue).

Material examined. Type material. Holotype: CHINA: Yunnan: 3, Benzilan, Deqin, 2180m, 23.VIII. 1981, coll. Shuyong Wang, (IZ-CAS); Allotype: CHINA: Yunnan: Ƥ, same data as holotype, (IZ-CAS); Paratypes: CHINA: Yunnan: 123, 10 ƤƤ, same data as holotype; 63, 5 ƤƤ, Benzilan, Deqin, 2180m, 13.VII. 1982, coll. Shuyong Wang, (IZ-CAS). Additional material. Yunnan: 43, 1 Ƥ, Benzilan, Deqin, 2180m, 13.VII. 1982, coll. Shuyong Wang; 23, same data as holotype.

Distribution. China (Yunnan).

Remarks. C. (s. str.) rubrimaculata  is close to C. (s. str.) tsinensis  , based on the general body form and color patterns, as well as the similar form of two ventral depressions on the apex of the median lobe, but the former species has setose inner and intero-lateral margins along the depressions ( Fig. 10 View Figure F), while the latter has setae only along the outer margins of the depressions ( Fig. 11 View Figure F). Also, C. tsinensis  has a red spot on the frons, which differs from other species.