Apanteles albipennis (Nees, 1834),

Scaramozzino, Pier Luigi, Loni, Augusto & Lucchi, Andrea, 2017, A review of insect parasitoids associated with Lobesiabotrana (Denis & Schiffermueller, 1775) in Italy. 1. DipteraTachinidae and HymenopteraBraconidae (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae), ZooKeys 647, pp. 67-100: 83

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Apanteles albipennis (Nees, 1834)


Apanteles albipennis (Nees, 1834) 

Apanteles albipennis  Laccone 1978

Italian distribution of reared parasitoids.

Apulia: Laccone 1978


Palaearctic species, widespread in Europe and in the former Soviet Union up to the east coast.

Host range.

Yu (1997-2012) provides a list of 33 species of Lepidopteran hosts including Tortricidae  , Gelechiidae  , Pterophoridae  , Coleophoridae  , Pyralidae  and other families, plus two erroneous records: one species of Buprestidae and one of Curculionidae  ( Coleoptera  ). Among the hosts of Apanteles albipennis  is also recorded Sparganothis pilleriana  ( Ruschka and Fulmek 1915).

Ecological role.

Specimens of this species were rarely obtained from EGVM larvae of first and second generation collected on vine in Apulia ( Laccone 1978).