Scymnus (Pullus) syriacus (Marseul, 1868)

Ali, Muhammad, Ahmed, Khalil, Ali, Shaukat, Raza, Ghulam, Hussain, Ishtiaq, Nafees, Maisoor Ahmed & Anjum, Syed Ishtiaq, 2018, An annotated checklist of Coccinellidae with four new records from Pakistan (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae), ZooKeys 803, pp. 93-120: 93

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Scymnus (Pullus) syriacus (Marseul, 1868)


Scymnus (Pullus) syriacus (Marseul, 1868)  Fig. 24

General distribution.

Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan (Ali 2013).

Distribution in Sindh.

Hyderabad and Karachi (Ali 2013).

Host plants and prey species in Sindh.

Aphis craccivora  Koch, A. gossypii  Glover, Brevicoryne brassicae  (L.), Lipaphis erysimi  (Kaltenbach), Myzus persicae  (Sulzer), Aphis gossypii  (Glover), Hyadaphis coriandri  (Das), Hysteroneura  setariae  (Thomas), Ropalosiphum maidis  (Fitch), Therioaphis trifolii  Monell, Macrosiphum granarium  (Kby), Schizaphis graminum  (Rondani) ( Aphididae  : Homoptera  ) (Ali 2013).


Newly recorded from Pakistan.