Alicodoxa, Emeljanov, Alexander F. & Shcherbakov, Dmitry E., 2011

Emeljanov, Alexander F. & Shcherbakov, Dmitry E., 2011, A new genus and species of Dictyopharidae (Homoptera) from Rovno and Baltic amber based on nymphs, ZooKeys 130, pp. 175-184: 177

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gen. n.

Genus Alicodoxa   ZBK   gen. n.

Type species.

Alicodoxa rasnitsyni   sp. n.


The genus and the type species are named in honour of our friend and colleague Prof. Alexandr Rasnitsyn. The grammatical gender is feminine.


Metope not visible in dorsal aspect. Coryphe 1/3 longer than pronotal disc along midline. Pronotum deeply angulately emarginate posteriorly. Lateral carinae of mesonotal disc anteriorly converging at acute angle. Fore femur without subapical tooth. Abdominal tergites IV–V with 1-2 sensory pits displaced forwards from the row of pits. Tergites VI–VII with 2 medial and 2-3 lateral pits. Tergites VI–VIII with large lower and small upper wax plates, upper plate of tergite VII subdivided.


Similar to the extant genera Orthopagus   Uhler and Saigona   Matsumura, but in the nymphs of these latter the metope is visible from above, coryphe longer relative to pronotal disc, pronotum less emarginate posteriorly, and tergites VI–VII with 4 medial and 1-0 lateral pits. Subdivided upper wax plate of tergite VII is unknown in other Dictyopharidae   . Other characters listed under Diagnosis assign the new genus to Orthopagini   within Dictyopharinae   (see Discussion).