Azteca lallemandi Forel

Longino, J. T., 2007, A taxonomic review of the genus Azteca (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Costa Rica and a global revision of the aurita group., Zootaxa 1491, pp. 1-63 : 56

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Azteca lallemandi Forel


Azteca lallemandi Forel   HNS 1899

Azteca lallemandi Forel   HNS 1899:119. Syntype workers: Colombia, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Naranjo (Forel) [ MHNG, MCZC] (examined).

Azteca lanuginosa subsp. pruinosa Mann   HNS 1916:472. Syntype workers: Brazil, Rondonia, Rio Madeira, Abuna (Mann & Baker) [ MHNG] (examined) NEW SYNONYMY.

Queen characters. Measurements (n=4): HLA 1.27 (1.22-1.32), HW 1.22 (1.21-1.30), SL 1.18 (1.13-1.27), CI 99 (95-99), SI 94 (90-96).

Palpal formula 4,3; middle and hind tibia lacking apical spur; mandible strongly flattened, apical tooth much longer than penultimate tooth, dorsal surface smooth and shiny, pubescent; medial clypeal lobe strongly convex and protruding, extending well beyond lateral clypeal lobes; head quadrate, sides flat and diverging posteriorly, posterior margin strongly angulate laterally, deeply excavate medially; petiolar node short, bluntly triangular; posteroventral petiolar lobe deep, strongly convex from front to back, laterally compressed and tectiform; lateral and posterior margins of head, mesosomal dorsum, dorsal and ventral margins of petiole, and gaster covered with uniform vestiture of short, dense, white pilosity; scape and legs lacking erect setae; entire body orange, with smooth, highly polished and reflective surface.

Worker characters. Measurements (n=2): HLA 1.22 (1.11-1.32), HW 1.21 (1.11-1.30), SL 1.11 (1.03- 1.19), CI 99 (98-100), SI 92 (90-93).

Compared to A. pilosula   HNS and A. aurita   HNS , head relatively broader (CI> 105 versus <106), posterolateral margins of vertex more rounded and cordate, not as angulate. Compared to A. pilosula   HNS , A. lallemandi   HNS has a deeper, more convex posteroventral petiolar lobe.

Range. Brazil (Rondonia), Colombia, Panama.

Biology. The type specimens were collected in a carton nest on a Cecropia trunk.

Additional material examined. COLOMBIA: Magdalena: Rio Frio , 28 Sep 1926 (G. Salt) - dealate queen [ MCZC] ; same locality, 1 Sep 1927 (G. Salt) - adult workers [ MCZC] ; PANAMA: Canal Zone: Barro Colorado Island , 9°09'N, 79°51W, 100m , Jan 1960 (W. L. Brown & E. S. McCluskey) - queens [ MCZC] GoogleMaps ; same locality, 4 Jun 1978 (Silberglied & Aiello) - queen [ USNM] GoogleMaps ; same locality, Jan 1992 (M. Kaspari) - queen [ MKC] GoogleMaps ; Colon: Est. Biol. Galeta , 9°24'N, 79°52W, 10m , 23 Sep 1999 (J. Dunn) - worker GoogleMaps .


Switzerland, Geneva, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle


USA, Massachusetts, Cambridge, Harvard University, Museum of Comparative Zoology


USA, Washington D.C., National Museum of Natural History, [formerly, United States National Museum]


Martins Kalnins