Chamberlinini Wang, 1957

Chen, Chao-Chun, Golovatch, Sergei I., Chang, Hsueh-Wen & Chen, Shyh-Hwang, 2011, Revision of the Taiwanese millipede genus Chamberlinius Wang, 1956, with descriptions of two new species and a reclassification of the tribe Chamberlinini (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Paradoxosomatidae, Paradoxosomatinae), ZooKeys 98, pp. 1-27 : 19

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Chamberlinini Wang, 1957


Tribe Chamberlinini Wang, 1957


Gonopod femorite usually long and slender, only rarely somewhat expanded parabasally and supplied with a distal outgrowth ( Aponedyopus ) or carrying a lateral sulcus ( Haplogonosoma ) before a clear-cut cingulum and geniculation. Postfemoral portion directed mesad, long, slender, more or less coiled, either entirely a thick solenomere devoid of any outgrowths ( Riukiupeltis ) or split at base into a thick ( Chamberlinius ) or thin, long, truly flagelliform solenomere and a membranous, more or less complex solenophore (remaining three genera).

Included genera:

Chamberlinius Wang, 1956, Riukiupeltis Verhoeff, 1939, Aponedyopus Verhoeff, 1939, Haplogonosoma Brölemann, 1916 and Geniculodesmus Chen, Golovatch & Chang, 2008.