Apotomocepheus Aoki

Mahunka, S., 1986, A survey of the family Carabodidae C. L. Koch, 1836 (Acari: Oribatida), Acta Zoologica Hungarica 32, pp. 73-135: 82-84

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Apotomocepheus Aoki


Apotomocepheus Aoki  , 1965 (Figs 3-5)

Aoki, 1965: 296.

Prodorsum: A pair of very high transversal apophysis present, interlamellar setae arising on them. Lamellae blunt at tip, lamellar setae arising on their outer surface. Rostral, lamellar and interlamellar setae of similar shape, all slightly dilate basally, resembling notogastral ones. Sensillus uncate. Tutorium weakly developed.

Notogaster: Dorsosejugal region with a deep, wide depression, median part of notogaster highly projeeting, its surface divided or ornamented by strong ridges connected with each other. Fifteen pairs of notogastral setae present, among them one pair arising on the shoulder.

Coxisternal region: Epimeral setal formula: 2 —1—1— 3(4), setae al absent. Median longitudinal apodeme or epimeral border absent, all epimere opened medially.

Anogenital region: Anogenital setal formula: 6(7) —1(2)*— 2-3(2). Its surface with ridges and protuberances (pdh: see Aoki: 299). Lysifissure iad was not mentioned by Aoki.

Type species: Apotomocepheus gressitti Aoki  , 1965. Biak I. (New Guinea).

Remarks: The original description was based on the holotype (!) only.

No newly collected material available.

* I am sure that setae ag2, (sensu Aoki) are in fact setae ads, with very often removed far anteriorly from the anal aperture.