Neopronematus solani Łaniecka and Kaźmierski, 2013, Laniecka and Kazmierski, 2013

Darbemamieh, Maryam, Hajiqanbar, Hamidreza, Khanjani, Mohammad & Kaźmierski, Andrzej, 2015, New species and records of Neopronematus (Acari: Iolinidae) from Iran with a key to world species, Zootaxa 3990 (2), pp. 235-246: 243

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Neopronematus solani Łaniecka and Kaźmierski, 2013


Neopronematus solani Łaniecka and Kaźmierski, 2013  

Material examined. Iran, Kermanshah, Sahneh, Cherry leaf, 15. 0 7. 2012, 34̊ 29 ̍ 56 ̎N, 47 ̊ 41 ̍ 12 ̎E, H: 1384 m. M. Darbemamieh, 1 ♀.

Measurements. Stiletto (16) longer than palp tarsus (12), palp tarsus width: 6, ag 4 (12) longer than ag 1 (9), tectal setae on leg I longer than tarsus. Tarsus I length: 22.5, width: 10.5, f 2 (26–27)> ps 1 (20).

Remarks. Darbemamieh et al. (2014 b) also collected one female of N. solani   from Songhor (34 ̊ 46 ̍N, 47 ̊ 35 ̍E) on August 10, 2013 on potato leaves, representing the first record of this mite from Iran. Meanwhile, our new specimen collected from cherry leaves in Sahneh shows some morphological variance in comparison with holotype collected from Hungary and the specimen collected from potato leaves in Songhor. In the N. solani   holotype ( Fig. 6 View FIGURE 6 - left, borrowed from the Ripka collection) there is only a small projection at the base of the empodia that cannot be considered as a hook, which was not mentioned in the original description of this species. This projection is much smaller than the empodial hook visible in our N. solani   specimen from Sahneh ( Fig. 6 View FIGURE 6 - right). The claws seem delicately rough in both Iranian specimens and borrowed holotype, which was not mentioned in description of N. solani   .