Hetaerina Selys, 1853,

Mauffray, William F. & Tennessen, Kenneth J., 2019, A Catalogue and Historical Study of the Odonata of Ecuador, Zootaxa 4628 (1), pp. 1-265: 24-27

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Hetaerina Selys, 1853


Hetaerina Selys, 1853 

Most species of Hetaerina  have a red patch in the base of the wings and some have a small red or brown spot at the tips of the wings ( Fig. 9View FIGURE 9). Nine of the 37 known species occur in Ecuador. They inhabit small to medium-sized streams, usually in partly to heavily forested areas; nymphs of five species have been described. The most recent revision was by Garrison (1990).

Hetaerina caja (Drury, 1773)  .

Publ. Recs. ECU: Calvert (1901), Tsuda (1986, 1991), Garrison (1990), Paulson (1983) (H08), (P11), (H14); CR: * Campos (1922); EO: Campos (1927); GY: Ris (1918), Campos (1922); LR: Campos (1922); OR: Daigle (1996), von Ellenrieder & Garrison (2011); PA: * McLachlan (1881a); SD: Daigle et al. (1997). Also CEN, COL, GUF, PER, VEN, TTO: (H08), (P11); plus SUR: (P16).

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Hetaerina capitalis Selys, 1873  . Publ. Recs. ECU: * Garrison (1990), Tsuda (1991), (H08), (P11), (H14). Also CEN, COL, VEN: (H08), (P11).

Addl. Data. MS, Limón Indanza: 1 ♂, stream, Hwy. 45, 25.3 km N of Indanza (-2.9217, -78.4031, 1110m), 7 xi 1997, leg. & det. KJT [KJT]; NA, El Chaco: 1 ♂, stream 3.5 km N of El Chaco, Hwy. 28 (-0.3164, -77.7919, 1425m), 7 vi 1995, leg. & det. KJT [KJT]; PA, Pastaza: 1 ♂, Puyo, Río Pastaza (-1.4667, -77.9833, 980m), 26 xi 1936, leg. WCM, det. RWG-1990  , from USMN [ RWG]; Mera: 1 ♂, Abitagua, Río Pastaza watershed (-1.45, -78.15, 1200m), iv 1937, leg. WCM  , det. RWG-1990 [ UMMZ]; TU, Baños: 1 ♂, Río Topo, Río Pastaza watershed (-1.10, -78.65, 2800m), xii 1948, leg. WCM  , det. RWG, from UMMZ [ RWG]; SD: 1 ♂, Tinalandia, 12 km E of Santo Domingo de los Colorados, streams S of river (-0.3069, -79.0492, 610m), 5 x 1988, leg. & det. SWD [ SWD]; 1 ♀, same data but 6 x 1988 [ SWD]; 1 ♂, About 93 Km SW Quito , Chiriboga Road , 7 ix 1990, leg. & det. OSF [ USNM]GoogleMaps  .

Hetaerina charca Calvert, 1890  . Publ. Recs. ECU: Tsuda (1991), (H08), (P11), (H14); MS: * Garrison (1990). Also BOL, PER: (P11); plus ARG: (RWG, pers. comm., 2019).

Addl. Data. CB, Alausí: 1 ♂, 1 ♀, Huigra, upslope (-2.28, -78.98, 2134m), 7 iii 1931, leg. W. Coxey, det. MJW [FSCA]; Camada: 2 ♂♂, Dos Puentes, km 99 along Quito-Guayaquil Railway, Río Chanchan just E of Ventura (-2.25, -79.10, 518m), 10 I 1929, leg. W. Coxey, det. MJW [FSCA]; GY, Naranjal: 3 ♂♂, Bucay (-2.2, -79.18, 233m), 13 ii 1911, leg. S. Rhoads [FSCA, ANSP]; LR, Quevedo: 1 ♂, stream 16 km E of Hwy. E25 [from Formisa] (-0.7256, -79.3484, 200m), 24 ii 2010, leg. & det. KJT [FSCA]; MS, Santiago: 1 ♂, Patuca, 5.2 km S, 23 x 1992, leg. M. Kippenhan, det. SWD [SWD]; OR, Loreto: 1 ♂, small stream near Reserva Río Bigal , about 30 km N of Loreto (-0.5642, -77.4114, 900m), 17 v 2009, leg. & det. KJT [ KJT]; PC, San Miguel Bancos: 1 ♀, Mindo, 30 iv 1990, leg. E. Smith, det. WFM [ SWD]GoogleMaps  .

Hetaerina duplex Selys, 1869  . Publ. Recs. ECU: Tsuda (1986 —? as H. longipes  ), Hagen in Selys (1853 —? as H. carnifex  ), Paulson (1983 —? as H. carnifax  ), Tsuda (1991), Selys (1869), (H08 — also as H. aurora  ), (P11), (H14); EO: Garrison (1990); LR: Campos (1922 — as mistaken identity H. hebe  ): LJ: Tennessen & Johnson (2008); PC: Selys (1873a), Hagen (1875 —? as H. carnifex  ); ZC: * Garrison (1990). Also COL: (H08), (P11); plus PER: (H08), (P16).

Addl. Data. AZ, Santa Isabel: [FSCA, JTJ, KJT]; BO, Caluma: [FSCA, JTJ, KJT]; San Miguel: [ANSP, DRP, FSCA, KJT]; CN, Ca ñ ar: [FSCA, JTJ, JJD, KJT, SWD]; CB, Cumandá: [FSCA]; Pallatanga: [ANSP, FSCA]; CT, Pangua: [FSCA, JTJ, KJT]; Sigchos: [FSCA]; EO, Pi ñ as: [FSCA, JTJ, RWG]; Portovello: [FAL, RWG]; GY, Guayaquil: [FSCA]; Daule: [FSCA]; Naranjal: [FSCA]; IM: Cotacachi [FSCA, KJT, USFQ]; LJ, Catamayo: [FSCA, JTJ]; Loja: [FSCA, FAL, UTIC, JTJ, KJT, RWG]; NA, Archidona: [RWG, SWD]; PC, Mejía: [DRP, RWG]; Pedro Vicente Maldonado: [FSCA]; Quito: [DRP, USNM]; San Miguel Bancos: [FSCA, KJT, RWG, USFQ, USNM]; SD: [DRP, FSCA, JJD, JTJ, KJT, RWG, USNM]; ZC, Zamora: [UTIC].

Note: Specimens in various collections may be labeled H. aurora  (see Appendix A).

Hetaerina flavipennis Garrison, 1990  . Publ. Recs. ECU: Tsuda (1991), (H08), (P11), (H14); MS: * Garrison (1990), Tennessen (2006); ZC: * Garrison (1990 — Type Locality: “Zumba,” Holotype [UMMZ]), Bridges (1993), Garrison et al. (2003).

Addl. Data. MS, Huamboya   GoogleMaps: 2 ♂, Macas   GoogleMaps, about 56 km N on Hwy. 45, 1.4 km S of Río Pasanac, small stream with shallow mucky bottom (-1.9503, -77.8628, 823m), 16 ix 2005 leg. & det. WFM [ FSCA]; Morona   GoogleMaps: 1 ♂, 1 ♀, Mangosisa   GoogleMaps, Río Upano   GoogleMaps (-2.5244, -77.8947, 708m), date?, leg. L Gomez Alonzo, det. RWG, from CHK [ UMMZ]; NA, Archidona   GoogleMaps: 1 ♂, 3 ♀♀, km 45 of Hollin-Loreto Road   GoogleMaps (-0.7228, -77.5653, 1130m), 18 xii 1989, leg. H. Real, det. RWG [ RWG]; Tena   GoogleMaps: 2 ♀♀, Río Jatun Yacu   GoogleMaps, Ilupulin Creek   GoogleMaps (-1.0167, -77.8333, 700m), i 1935, leg. WCM, det. RWG, from UMMZ [ RWG]; 1 ♂, same data but 15 iv 1935 [ RWG]; ZC, Zamora: Holotype ♂, [Zumbi] “Zumba,” Río Zamora, 31 x 1941, leg. D. Laddey, det. RWG, from CHK [ UMMZ].

Notes: So far reported only from Ecuador. The specimens WFM collected were in the deep shade along with Heteragrion  spp. See page 14 for correction of error regarding “Zumba.”

Hetaerina fuscoguttata Selys, 1878  . Publ. Recs. ECU: * Garrison (1990), Tsuda (1991), (H08), (P11), (H14); ES: Daigle et al. (1997); SD: Daigle et al. (1997). Also CEN, COL: (H08), (P11); plus VEN: (H08).

Addl. Data. CB, Cumandá: [RWG]; EO, Piñas: [DRP]; ES, San Lorenzo: [FAL, FSCA, KJT, LSAM, QZAC]; LR, Buena Fé: [DRP]; MN, Pedernales: [ACRP, FSCA, KJT]; MS, Gualaquiza: 1 ♂, Bomboiza, 17 km S Guala- quiza 20 ix 1990 leg. OSF, det. SWD [USNM]; PC, San Miguel Bancos: [DRP, KJT, USFQ]; SD: [FSCA, JJD, KJT, RWG].

Note: The Gualaquiza specimen represents the only record from the east slope.

Hetaerina miniata Selys, 1879  . Publ. Recs. ECU: von Ellenrieder (2007), (H08), (P11), (H14); SD: * Garrison (1990 — as “ PC ”). Also CEN, COL, VEN: (H08), (P11).

Addl. Data. LR, Buena Fé: 2 ♂♂, 1 ♀, Santo Domingo, 47 km S, stream at Río Palenque (200m), 18 vii 1977, leg. & det. DRP [DRP]; 2 ♂♂, same data but 9 x 1988, leg. & det. SWD [SWD]; 1 ♂, [Consumulo] S Río Palenque (-0.58, -79.35, 175m), 17 vi 1974, leg. J. Longino, det. MJW [FSCA]; Quevedo: 1 ♂, stream 16 km E of Hwy. E25, from Formisa (-0.7256, -79.3483, 200m), 23 ii 2010, leg. & det. KJT [FSCA]; 2 ♂♂, same data but leg. & det. JTJ [JTJ]; MN, Junin: 1 ♀, [RWG]. Palmar (-0.9333, -80.2333, 200m), 10 iv 1941, leg. D. Laddey, det. RWG, from UMMZ [RWG].

Hetaerina occisa Hagen in Selys, 1853  . Publ. Recs. ECU: * Garrison (1990), (H08), (P11), (H14). Also CEN, COL, PER, TTO, VEN: (P11); plus BRA: (H08).

Addl. Data. MS: Gualaquiza: [FSCA, USNM]; Huamboya: [SWD]; Limón Indanza: [FSCA, KJT]; Morona: [FSCA, RWG]; Santiago: [SWD]; NA, Archidona: [FSCA, KJT, SWD, USNM]; Carlos Julio Arosemena Tola: [FAL]; Tena: [KJT, USNM]; OR, Loreto: [FSCA, KJT, SWD, TWD, USNM]; PA, Mera: [FSCA, JTJ]; Pastaza: [FSCA, JTJ, KJT]; SU, Cascales: [SWD]; ZC, El Pangui: [KJT, USNM]; Yantzaza: [FSCA, KJT]; Zamora: [JTJ, USNM].

Hetaerina sanguinea Selys, 1853  . Publ. Recs. ECU: * Garrison (1990), (L05), (H08), (P11), (H14); NA: Daigle (1996); OR: von Ellenrieder & Garrison (2011). Also ARG, BOL, BRA, COL, PER, VEN: (L05), (H08), (P11).

Addl. Data. MS, Gualaquiza: [ANSP, FSCA, USNM]; Huamboya: [KJT, SWD]; NA, Carlos Julio Arosemena Tola: [FSCA]; Tena: [DRP, FSCA, UTIC, JJD, KJT, RWG, TWD, USNM]; OR, Francisco de Orellana: [FSCA, KJT, RWG, SWD]; Loreto: [JTJ, USNM]; PA, Mera: [FSCA, JTJ]; Pastaza: [FSCA, JTJ, KJT, USNM]; Santa Clara: [FSCA]; SU, Cascales: [KJT]; Lago Agrio: [UTIC, KJT, RWG, USNM]; Shushufindi: [DRP, FSCA, KJT, USNM]; ZC, El Pangui: [FSCA, KJT]; Yantzaza: [FSCA, KJT, USNM]; Zamora: [JTJ, KJT, USNM].

Note: A specimen in the QZAC collection, labeled H. sanguinea  , from Esmeraldas, San Lorenzo, IORI# 16475, is a mislabeled H. fuscoguttata Selys, 1878  .


University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History


Florida State Collection of Arthropods, The Museum of Entomology