Ischnura Charpentier, 1840,

Mauffray, William F. & Tennessen, Kenneth J., 2019, A Catalogue and Historical Study of the Odonata of Ecuador, Zootaxa 4628 (1), pp. 1-265: 48-50

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Ischnura Charpentier, 1840


Ischnura Charpentier, 1840 

A relatively large genus of small damselflies, adults of which are mostly black with green and/or blue stripes or spots ( Fig. 21View FIGURE 21), and in one species thorax and abdomen with yellow markings. Habitats include ponds, marshes, lake margins and slow streams and ditches with aquatic vegetation. Four species are known in Ecuador and an undescribed species has been collected. No comprehensive study on the taxonomy of the South American species is available, however the key in Westfall & May (2006) contains most of the species found in Ecuador.

Ischnura capreolus ( Hagen, 1861)  . Publ. Recs. ECU: Paulson (1983), Tsuda (1986), (L06), (H08), (P11), (H14); CR: Campos (1922), GY: * Ris (1918 — as Ceratura capreolus  ), Campos (1922); EO: Campos (1927); LR: Campos (1922). Also ARG, BRA, CEN, COL, GUF, GUY, PRY, PER, SUR, VEN, TTO: (L06), (H08), (P11).

Addl. Data. EO, Arenillas: [JTJ, KJT]; Santa Rosa: [JTJ, KJT]; ES, Esmeraldas: [DRP, FSCA, KJT, QZAC, USNM]; San Lorenzo: [FSCA]; GY, Balao: [JTJ, KJT]; Daule: [RWG, USNM]; Duran: [FSCA]; Guayaquil: [ANSP, DRP, FSCA]; Naranjal: [FSCA]; LR, Babahoyo: [RWG, USNM]; Quevedo: [FSCA, USNM]; Ventanas: [KJT]; MN, Bolivar: [USNM]; Chone: [USNM]; El Carmen: [JTJ, KJT]; Flavio Alfaro: [KJT]; Sucre: [RWG, USNM]; OR, Francisco de Orellana: [FSCA, KJT, SWD]; Loreto: [RWG]; SD: [DRP, FSCA, JJD, KJT, LSAM, QZAC, SWD, USNM]; SU, Shushufindi: [FSCA].

Note: The Pacific slope specimens differ somewhat in the shape of the terminal appendages and could represent an undescribed species (R. Garrison, pers. comm., 2017).

Ischnura fluviatilis Selys, 1876  . Publ. Recs. ECU: (H14); IM: * Daigle et al. (1997); LJ: Tennessen & Johnson (2008). Also ARG, BOL, BRA, CHL GUF, PRY, PER, VEN, URY: (H08), (P14); plus SUR: (P16).

Addl. Data. EO: Arenillas [JTJ, KJT]; Machala: [KJT]; Santa Rosa [JTJ, KJT]; GY, Durar: [JTJ]; Naranjal [FSCA]; Simon Bolivar: [KJT]; IM, Ibarra: [KJT]; LJ, Loja: [JTJ, KJT]; Macará: [ANSP, FSCA]; LR, Quevedo: [FSCA]; Ventanas: [KJT]; MN, Sucre: [RWG]; ZC, Zamora: [JTJ].

Ischnura hastata (Say, 1840)  . Agrion hastatum Say, 1840  ; Anomalagrion hastatum (Say, 1840)  . Synonyms: Agrion anomala Rambur, 1842  ; A. venerinotata Halderman, 1844  . Publ. Recs. ECU: Tsuda (1986, 1991) GA: * Currie (1901), Calvert (1906), Campos (1922), Schmidt (1938), Gloger (1964), Turner (1967), Belle (1991a — all as A. hastatum  ), (H08), (P11). Isabela: Peck (1992), San Cristibal: Peck (1992), Santa Cruz: Peck (1992). Also CEN, VEN: (H08); plus COL, GUF, SUR: (P16).

Addl. Data. GA, Isabela: [USNM]; San Cristobal: [ACRP, USNM]; Santa Cruz: [USNM].

Note: Peck (1992) found this species “in littoral saline meadows to pampa zones around permanent wet spots and pools.” No records from the mainland yet.

Ischnura ramburii (Selys, 1850)  . Publ. Recs. ECU: (L06), (P11), (H14 — as “near ramburii  ”); IM: * Daigle et al. (1997). Also BRA, COL, GUF, SUR, TTO, VEN: (L06), (H08), (P11); plus CEN: (H08), (P11); plus CHL, PER, PRY: (L06), (H08).

Addl. Data. GY, Daule: adults, 5.5 km S of Nobol, 12 i 1978, leg. J. Anderson, det.? [USNM]; IM, Ibarra: 1 cop. pair, 3 ♂♂, 1 ♀, pool 1.5 km S of Salinas (0.4853, -78.1333), 2 ii 1997, leg. & det. KJT [KJT]; 2 ♂♂, 2 ♀♀, Sa- linas, 0.5 km E, pools/small irrigation stream (-0.55, -78.12, 1676m), 2 ii 1997, leg. & det. WFM [FSCA, QZAC]; 1 cop. pair, 4 ♂♂, 45.8 km E of Lita, rocky stream (-0.78, -78.32, 853m), 6 ii 1997, leg. & det. WFM [FSCA, LSAM, QZAC, USNM]; LJ, Loja: 1 ♂, Río Chamba at Vilcabamba (-4.2625 -79.2192), 16–17 viii 2006, leg. & det. JCA [UTIC]; LR, Babahoyo: adults, 6 km N of Babahoyo, 21 vi 1975, leg. & det.? [USNM]; MN, Bolivar: adults, 4 km W Calceta, lake margin, 20 x 1978, leg. J. Anderson & det.? [USNM]; Sucre: adults, 35 km SE of Bahia de Caraquez, oxbow pond, 5 x 1975, leg. A. Langley, det.? [USNM]; SU, Lago Agrio : adults, 18 km E of Lago Agrio, 20 viii 1975, leg. A. Langley & J. Cohen, det.? [ USNM].

Note: There may be two separate species that are currently referred to I. ramburii  .


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