Cannaphila Kirby, 1889,

Mauffray, William F. & Tennessen, Kenneth J., 2019, A Catalogue and Historical Study of the Odonata of Ecuador, Zootaxa 4628 (1), pp. 1-265: 152

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Cannaphila Kirby, 1889


Cannaphila Kirby, 1889 

A genus of only three species, two of which occur in Ecuador. The most recent diagnosis was by Donnelly (1992). Cannaphila  are medium-sized dragonflies ( Fig. 88a & bView FIGURE 88) that occupy muddy seepage areas of small slow streams, usually partly shaded, from low to medium elevations.

Cannaphila mortoni Donnelly, 1992. Publ. Recs. ECU: (H14). Also CEN, COL (P16).

Addl. Data. ES, Quinindé: 1 ♀, road from Las Golondrinas to Canande Reserve, 30 km NE Quininde, drain- age pond for palm oil plantation, with small stream outflow (0.4669, -79.2336), no date provided, data provided by WAH & DLW; 1 ♂, small gravel stream in forest, 38 km NE of Quininde, tributary of Río Hoja Blanca (-0.5455, -79.2007), date not provided, data provided by WAH & DLW.

Cannaphila vibex ( Hagen, 1861)  . Publ. Recs. ECU: * Calvert (1909 —“teste Ris in Litt”), Racenis (1954), Paulson (1983), Tsuda (1986, 1991), (H06), (P11), (H14); BO: Ris (1910); CR: Campos (1922 —as Leptetrum merida  ); CB: Campos (1922 —as L. merida  ); ES: Ris (1910), Daigle et al. (1997); GY: Ris (1910), Campos (1922 —as L. merida  ); NA: Ris (1910), Tennessen (1996b); OR: von Ellenrieder & Garrison (2011); ZC: Ris (1910). Also ARG, BOL, BRA, CEN, COL, PER, VEN: (H06), (P11).

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