Peruviogomphus Klots, 1944,

Mauffray, William F. & Tennessen, Kenneth J., 2019, A Catalogue and Historical Study of the Odonata of Ecuador, Zootaxa 4628 (1), pp. 1-265: 136

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Peruviogomphus Klots, 1944


Peruviogomphus Klots, 1944 

Two of the three known species occur in Ecuador; a reared female specimen of an indeterminable species is in the FSCA (Belle 1992a). For species identification, see Belle (1979) and Machado (2005). These medium-sized gom- phids ( Fig. 75View FIGURE 75) occupy small lakes and ponds with muddy bottoms and are infrequently collected.

Peruviogomphus moyobambus Klots, 1994  . Publ. Recs. ECU: (H14). NA: * Belle (1992a) mentions a specimen he collected near the junction of the Río Napo and Río Arajuno in the discussion of the “ P. spec. indet.” Listed only for PER: (H06), (P11).

Addl. Data. NA, Tena: J.S.B.S., Pond #16A, 16 xi 1991, leg. B. Sharp, det. SWD [USNM]; 1 ♂, road to air- port and La Punta, E of Tena, shallow pond with lily pads and rocky stream outflow (-1.0482, -77.5861), date not provided, data provided by WAH & DLW; OR, Francisco de Orellana: 1 ♂, Río Shiripuno Lodge   GoogleMaps, 27 km SE Río Shiripuno bridge (-1.1047, -76.7317, 235m), date not provided, data provided by WAH & DLW.

Peruviogomphus pearsoni Belle, 1979  . Publ. Recs. ECU: Paulson (1983), Davies & Tobin (1984), Tsuda (1986, 1991), Steinmann (1997b), (H06), (P11), (H14); SU: * Belle (1979 —description, as NA: Limoncocha, leg. DRP [FSCA]); Bridges (1993).

Addl. Data. SU, Shushufindi: Limoncocha   GoogleMaps, lake edge (-0.4000, -76.6167, 269m), 2 x 1971, leg. D. Pearson, det. DRP [ DRP]; 1 ♀, same data but 22 viii 1971 [ DRP]; 1 ♂, same data but 25 viii 1971 [ DRP]; 1 ♂, [Limoncocha] [about 40 km E] or 100 km E of Coca [on Río Napo] Lago Garzacocha, La Selva Jungle Lodge   GoogleMaps (0.4819, -76.3733, 235m), 12 x 1988, leg. & det. SWD [ SWD].

Note: Possibly an Ecuador endemic.