Pantala Hagen, 1861,

Mauffray, William F. & Tennessen, Kenneth J., 2019, A Catalogue and Historical Study of the Odonata of Ecuador, Zootaxa 4628 (1), pp. 1-265: 193-194

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Pantala Hagen, 1861


Pantala Hagen, 1861 

A genus of two very wide-ranging species, both migratory ( Fig. 107View FIGURE 107). Key to species can be found in numerous references, including Needham et al. (2014). Habitats range from small ponds, including temporary pools, to ditches and slow parts of small streams, usually with little or no aquatic vegetation. Adults oviposit in pools formed after heavy rain events. Development from egg to adult is rapid, often less than 55 days ( Hawking & Ingram 1994).

Pantala flavescens (Fabricius, 1798)  . Publ. Recs. ECU: Paulson (1983), Tsuda (1991), (H06), (P11), (H14); CR: Campos (1922); CB: Campos (1922); EO: Campos (1927); ES: Campos (1922); GA: * Currie (1901), Calvert (1907), Ris (1913a), Campos (1922), Calvert (1947b), Gloger (1964), Turner (1967), Peck (1992), (P11); GY: Calvert (1906), Ris (1913a), Campos (1922); LR: Calvert (1906), Campos (1922). Also ARG, BOL, BRA, CEN, CHL, COL, GUF, GUY, PRY, PER, SUR, URY, VEN: (H06), (P11); plus TTO: (P11).

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Pantala hymenaea (Say, 1840)  . Publ. Recs. ECU: Tsuda (1986, 1991), (H06), (P11), (H14); CR: Campos (1922); EO: Campos (1927); GA: * McLachlan (1877), Currie (1901), Ris (1913a), Campos (1922), Gloger (1964), Turner (1967), Peck (1992), (P11); GY: Ris (1913a), Campos (1922). Also ARG, BRA, CEN, CHL, COL, PER, VEN: (H06), (P11); Plus TTO: (P16).

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