Sympetrum Newman, 1833,

Mauffray, William F. & Tennessen, Kenneth J., 2019, A Catalogue and Historical Study of the Odonata of Ecuador, Zootaxa 4628 (1), pp. 1-265: 200

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Sympetrum Newman, 1833


Sympetrum Newman, 1833 

A large genus of mostly red dragonflies widely distributed around the world but with only one species in Ecuador ( Fig. 111View FIGURE 111), occurring only at high elevations. For identification see De Marmels (2001b).

Sympetrum gilvum ( Selys, 1884)  . Publ. Recs. ECU: Maria (1938 —as S. illotum var. gilva  ), Paulson (1983 —as S. illotum  ), Tsuda (1991), (H06), (P11), (H14); AZ: Martin (1896 —as Diplax illota  ), Calvert (1906), Campos (1922 — as D. illota var gilva  ); CB: Campos (1922 —as D. illota var gilva  ); LJ: Tennessen & Johnson (2008); NA: Tennessen (1996b), Daigle (1996); PC: * Selys (1884 —as D. illota var gilva  ), Calvert (1906), Ris (1911b), Campos (1922 —as D. illota var gilva  ); TU: Ris (1911b), Tennessen (2006). Also ARG, CHL, COL, PER, VEN: (P11).

Addl. Data. AZ, Gualaceo: [SWD]; CB, Alausí: [FSCA]; Pallatanga: [ANSP, FSCA]; IM, Cotacachi: [FSCA, KJT, USFQ]; Ibarra: [FSCA]; Otavalo: [FSCA, KJT, QZAC, SWD]; LJ, Catamayo: [FSCA, JTJ, KJT]; NA, Archidona: [SWD]; El Chaco: [SWD]); Quijos: [FSCA, KJT, LSAM, QZAC, SWD, USNM]; PC, Mejía: [DRP, FSCA]; Quito: [FSCA, UTIC, QZAC, USNM]; San Miguel Bancos: [FSCA, KJT, USNM]; TU, Baños: [FSCA, KJT, QZAC, USNM].

Note: There are many references and specimens labeled S. illotum  since S. gilvum  was considered to be either a junior synonym or subspecies of it.