Calleida gressittiana

Casale, Achille & Shi, Hongliang, 2018, Revision of the Oriental species of Calleida Latreille (sensu lato). Part 1: Introduction, groups of species, and species of six species groups (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Lebiini), Zootaxa 4442 (1), pp. -1--1: 10

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Calleida gressittiana


1. Calleida gressittiana  species group

Diagnostic characters: With the character states of Calleida  (in the widest sense, see above), restricted or amplified as follows: Medium-sized species (L: 8.2–8.8 mm). Dorsal side bicolor: head and pronotum reddish, elytra bluish, without reddish patch. Antennomeres 1–3 with numerous fine setae in addition to the primary ones ( fig. 7 View Figure ); pronotal lateral margins setose through full length ( fig. 11 View Figure ). Abdominal sternum VII with one seta on each side in males, two setae in females. Endophallus of aedeagus with a long and bent chitinized flagellum ( fig. 21 View Figure ), which is the modified ventral copulatory piece.

Taxonomic note: One only species, C. gressittiana  sp. n. from Borneo ( map 1 View Figure ), is attributed to this group. The phylogenetic position of this species group is questionable and isolated in the Asiatic fauna for its peculiar endophallus characters and the unique setation of antennae and lateral margins of pronotum. This is the only Asiatic species with a long, bent flagellum in endophallus, a feature widely represented amongst the Neotropical Calleida  species. On the contrary, all other Asiatic species have in endophallus two smaller (rarely only one in the C. terminata  species group), linear copulatory pieces, as in all Calleida  species from Africa and Madagascar, or unarmed (only in C. puncticollis  ).

This only character, which could be a result of homoplasy (evolutionary convergence), does not indicate any relationship with Neotropical Calleidina  . It allows us, however, to isolate C. gressittiana  sp. n. in a separate species group.