Trurlia Jałoszyński, 2009

Jałoszyński, Paweł, 2019, Four new Oriental species of the ‘ Cephennomicrus group’ (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Scydmaeninae), Zootaxa 4679 (3), pp. 553-562 : 559

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Trurlia Jałoszyński


Genus Trurlia Jałoszyński

Trurlia Jałoszyński, 2009a: 262 . Type species: Trurlia insana Jałoszyński, 2009a (des. orig.).

Trurlia currently comprises five species distributed in Sumatra and Borneo; an undescribed species was recorded from the Malay Peninsula ( Jałoszyński 2009a).

Trurlia can be easily distinguished from all other Cephenniini by the antennae composed of ten antennomeres, with a large, oval, densely setose and abruptly delimited histerid-like club (composed of completely fused antennomeres IX and X), and a pair of large lateral glandular openings near middle of pronotum, each opening with a mesal fringe of setae directed toward its center. Moreover, all known species have darkly pigmented adults with dense and deep pronotal punctures, barely discernible basic vestiture of very short, recumbent and sparse setae, but with conspicuous, long, paired macrosetae on pronotum (at least four pairs) and elytra (more than 10 setae on each elytron); the anterior pronotal corners well-defined and protruding (at least slightly) anterad (visible in anterodorsal view); pronotum with one or two lateral pairs of pits (the outer pair may be obscured by dense punctures), the inner pair connected by a transverse groove; each elytron with distinct, carinate subhumeral line extending to middle or even farther posterad; the prosternal process in ventral view broad, with well-defined anterior tip and flattened ventral surface, inversely T-shaped in cross-section, in lateral view subtriangular, strongly bent posterad, so that its subtriangular posterior tip is directed posteroventrad, and the anterior tip is visible as a small anterior projection near middle of the process' height; the mesoventral intercoxal process broad and nearly flat; mesoventral rests with carinate posterior margins; transverse or oblique rows of foveate punctures present on prosternum, mesoventrite, along posterior margins of mesocoxal rests and along lateral margins of metaventrite; and elongate, slender aedeagus.












Trurlia Jałoszyński

Jałoszyński, Paweł 2019

Trurlia Jałoszyński, 2009a: 262

Jaloszynski, P. 2009: 262