Gonçalves, Maísa De Carvalho, Novaes, Marcos Carneiro & Salles, Frederico Falcão, 2017, Studies on Gripopterygidae (Plecoptera) from Espírito Santo State, Brazil, Zootaxa 4291 (3), pp. 563-571: 568

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Paragripopteryx  . intervalensis Bispo & Lecci 2011 

Figs. 7–9View FIGURES 7 – 9.

Material examined. BRA, ES, Municipality of Santa Teresa, RBAR, stream along the road, close to small waterfall site S19°53'20.6" W40°32'41.5", 803 m, light trap, 08-09.ix.2015, 1 male and 1 female, FFST, CZNC.

Description of Female. General color brown. Head brown, centrally darker, frons and epicranial line dark brown. Antennae brown, scape and pedicel of antennae dark brown, flagellum brown. Pronotum brown with margins and rugosities darker. Mesonotum and metanotum brown, pleura lighter. Legs brown; distal part of femur, tibia and tarsus darker. Forewing and venation brown. Abdominal segments 2–7 membranous with a small spots sclerotized. Sternum 8 dark brown, sclerotized, square-shaped, relatively long ( Figs. 7–9View FIGURES 7 – 9).

Measurements: total length: 8.0 mm; forewing length: 7.0 mm; antennae length: 7.1 mm; cerci damaged.

Remarks. This species was described from one male from Parque Estadual de Intervales ( Bispo & Lecci, 2011). The specimens studied here are new records for Espírito Santo State, expanding the distribution into southeastern Brazil.